how many hits from one hitter

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  1. I have only a little bit of weed and I was just wondering how many hits do you get from from one bowl of a metal ciggarette one hitter pipe ?
  2. When packed correctly 2-3 hits for me. Dont break up the bud, just shove a nug in there.

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  3. yeah i almost always get atleast 3 nice hits with my bat
  4. When I used to use a the cigarette looking ones I would pack it so full that you had to pull on it you were sucking through a straw filled with cement.  Obviously you have to be able to pull air through it somewhat.  Eventually it catches flame and gets cherried which allows more air flow. You can get 1 big hit and 1 small hit usually.  Or just 1 big hit.  I am known to be able to take huge hits though.
    I used to pack it like that like twice and I'd be good for a session while at work lol
  5. I take big hits so 1 to 2 hits from a packed bowl
  6. If done right, I get one hit out of my one hitter

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  7. If I had only a little weed left, I would go for a gravity bong instead of a one hitter.
  8. That's a good way to make it a no hitter.  The best way is to grind the bud so it burns evenly and it'll stay cherried til it's gone.
  9. Well thats what ive done when I use them and it works for me.

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  10. I also second the gravity bong idea

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  11. One, sometimes two, though the second is typically half-assed. I have a dugout with one of the cigarette style bats. I usually try to just pack enough for one good hit.
  12. Bats are way too deep these days and you get too much res before you finish it.

    I take it and shorten the bowl end and use a small triangle shaped file to create small teeth on the end to help grind.

    I would rather have two fresh hits then 1 fresh and 1 or 2 res hits.

    Just be careful it's still long enough to reach the bottom.

    Just my 2cents


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  13. I also counter sink the inside instead of taper the end to force material into it rather then around it.

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  14. I just bought a dozen eggs.
    There were 12 inside!
  15. This.
    One hitters should be good for one hit.
    However, you can stick little nugs in it and possibly get more than one.
    If you are trying to get the most out of it, instead of worrying about more hits, 
    try increasing the quality of what's inside. Maybe even some hash/kief? 
  16. I only hit it once to clear the bowl, forever greens! My one hitter is a small quartz cig lookalike. It can hold between 0.05-0.1 gram, but I always pack it on the loose side. My tolerance is low, so packing it 2 times within the first 10 min and 1 pack each 1/2 hour - 1 hour keeps my high nice an clean.
  17. Is this a trick question?

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  18. It's not called a one hitter for nothing..
  19. Who's buried in Grants tomb?

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