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how many hits does it usually take you to get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Smoke4Free420, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. sometimes i feel like im getting high off of 4 or 5 hits from high mids but idk does that sound normal?? how much does it take you guys
  2. After a bowl from a spoon (tends to last me about 4 - 5 hits.) Im pretty good. It takes about 5 mins to kick in for me though. Most people I know are baked when they finish hitting it.
  3. Out of a spoon, three good hits should do it.
  4. I usually pack 1 or 2 hitters in my bong. Smoke 2 or 3 of these over 20 minutes and I'm good:smoking:
  5. just now i did 2 bowl packs im feelin it
  6. probably 5 good hits
  7. Yeah dude, like 5 good hits is usually enough.
  8. After a few hits from my bong I'll be feelin it. Smoke the whole bowl and I'm good :smoke:
  9. I don't count hits, but it will take me about 2 bowls, depending on size.
  10. When I was a newbie one hit and when I exhaled I was usually baked but now its like,

    First hit- nothing
    Second hit- Nice im decently buzzed
    Third hit- holy shit! that first and second hit just hit me, I'm stoned
    Fourth hit- damn i'm baked
    Fifth hit- Cough, cough, cough god dammit the bowl is out (as im spitting out a bunch of scooby's)
  11. Bong hits of dank=1
    smaller pipe= 3-4
  12. if it's a bowl, usually the 4th ot 5th hit I feel a little better,
    one time I was smoking a blunt with some friends, I was baked before it made it's way back around the second time. black people can sure smoke.
  13. I know what you mean by that, it's like the first couple weak hits end up fusing together with a bigger hit later on.
  14. 1 bong rip. 4 blunt hits.
  15. Dank- 1 hit to get a very strong buzz and 2 hits to get high

    mids- 2 hits for a strong buzz and 4 hits to get high
  16. one bong hit of fire and i'm long gone...it's weird to me how sudden it is...like one secondi'm sober the next i'm heavy and flyin.
  17. Depends on what I'm smoking.

    1 Joint would do it.
    1/2 Blunt would do it.
    One bowl would do it.
    Never tried vaporizer- ordering one tomorrow actually. But from what I've heard about the Magic Flight Launch Box- it definitely wont take much haha.

    Usually takes about a minute or two to kick in. Is this super ripped? No. Moderately High? Yes.

    Low Tolerance FTW :smoking:
  18. 2 hits off a dank joint = flying

  19. I smoke a lot of waterfalls and I can always tell when Im high ( around the 4th hit ) because the rambling thoughts and paranoia just begin to set in haa.

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