How many hits do you guys get out of your vape?

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  1. I take back my last statement actually.. 2 is not necessarily too high but I'm pretty sure it is on the higher end of temperatures on any DBV regardless of calibration, whereas I usually prefer starting at a much lower temperature like 11 and then when I don't get any more vapour at that temp I bump it up to 12 or 1 to finish off the bowl.. but if you guys like huge clouds right from the beginning I guess you can start at 2 right away, although I wouldn't recommend it :smoke:

  2. Vaporite Vaporizers

    Had it for 2 weeks now so got the hang of it better
  3. dude the DBV is a great vaporizer I usually draw about 10 thick hits before stirring then another 8 or so from 1 bowl. I also usually start at 12 or 12:30 and finish off at 1:30, if I'm pushing it ill end at 2. But I think 2:00 is a bit high to start off. Change your screens also, it makes a difference :)
  4. I have a ufovape, and I pack mine pretty full and take about 30+ hits off of it and then I'm gone for hours
  5. And the weird thing is, it comes on so mildly that you don't know when to stop and that's when you get fucked up
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  6. 30 hits? WTF? I take 3 hits and I'm gone for hours.

  7. Lol, yeah, I take a lot of hits, idk why, I guess I do it cause school is really boring without it, plus it helps me focus, I have ADHD so that's a legit reason to get a card
  8. i usually get 4-5 good bong hits from my eq :)
  9. I have a Da Buddha. I pack a 0.3 bowl and have counted hits before and I average 50-60 hits per bowl. Bowl normally lasts 30+ minutes of constant hits with stirring after every 10-15 hits
  10. Vaping seems never can finish a bud, after 20 or so big hits, I can still get a taste without combusting the weed.
  11. I usually get too high so I lose count, but probably around 15 good solid hits out of my Solo. :smoking:
  12. out of my Pax i pack it with .3g and i get around 60 hits, but the thing is i like to vape on low setting first till gone and repeat the process with the other two settings till i want the good taste again, it usually looks medium brown
  13. 'No such thing as a 'stupid question...'
    Other things being 'equal', does it require more 'draws' to 'max out' vapor from .4g than from .2g?
    Theoretically one can burn and consume .2g or .4g in a single light. Can the same be said from vaping. I use a G-Elite at 377, and there is virtually NO 'physical evidence' except the AVB. I neither taste nor see anything. I only know as I feel slight changes in my head and 'conditions' with each subsequent draw. The Elite has a five minute 'cook time' from ignition to auto shut-off, and I do a long, slow draught, about 6 seconds. I then hold for about as long, and give a slightly faster exhale. Then rest a count of ten, and repeat. If I am paying attention, I can get up to 10-12 tokes in the 5 minute period.

    Am I likely to have anything left for a re-burn?
  14. I pack mine full get bout quarter gram in it prob bout 12 14 hits then give it a good stir and bump up the temp on last hit
  15. on the dabuddah I got a buddy who puts it over 3 and takes fast puffs, its not the most efficient but we do it without combustion because of the air volume
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    Yup........high temps/fast draws = low temps/slow draws (kinda)

    But don't try high temps/fast draws on a portable. Their heaters are not typically robust enough to maintain temps at fast draws.
  17. This has been the opposite of my experience with this type of vape. Ime, slow draw equals a hotter hit. These aren't convection vapes. They're already getting heat from herb being in a glass chamber suspended right over/next to the heating element, or in the case of the Pax and some of the others mentioned, the vaporizer is itself an oven. Slow air increases temp, quick air lowers it.

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  18. Yup........totally agree. I don't think I said otherwise. Maybe I should have used a "+" rather than a "/", eh?
    What I meant was, a high temp setting along with a fast draw equals a low temp setting along with a slow draw. A slow draw allows the heater to maintain it's temp, but if you raise the temperature setting on the vape itself, a faster draw may be required so you don't go into combustion or vape at a higher temp than you desire. Draw rate and temperature setting are totally dependent on one another, other than on bag vapes which is why bag vapes is a much better option in party situations being that draw rate is not a factor on temp.

    Hope that clarifies things a bit.
  19. I prefer portable vapes, I've never found the desktop vapes appealing, as I smoke everywhere I go.
    I use a vape the size of a cigar, has a slow heating ceramic heating element, but I would say if I packed 0.25 grams, I would get about 20 hits, 2 being enough to feel like a proper bong hit.
    I love my pen!
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  20. I usually put just a little bit of weed in my Arizer EQ bowl, and then start the heat around 400...
    Take all the vapor that bag, then crank up the heat...
    Maybe sprinkle a little more weed in and stir/shake up that bowl first.
    After that, take that vapor...
    Each bag usually gets me 3-5 good hits, just depends on how much you take in with your lungs at once really

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