How many hits do you guys get out of your vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Absolem The Blue, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Hey guys!

    Just curious, how many good pulls do you guys get out of your vaporizers? When I first started smoking, I picked up a HotBox vaporizer from my local head shop.. I didn't know much about them at the time, otherwise I would've got a different one.

    The HotBox doesn't have variable temperature which kind of sucks. I noticed lately I'm not getting too many pulls out of it before it's done.

    Also, random question, but I think I remember reading that different temp. ranges have different effects. Is this true?
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  2. It depends on how much bud you use, really.

    I usually pack about .2 per use. That gets me at least 4-5 hits until the weed is brown and not enough thc for another worthy hit. It also depends on your weed. The more potent, the longer the thc and cannabinoids will last under extreme temperature.

    Hope this helped man :D :smokin:
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  3. From what ive read here.

    And also from what ive tried myself.

    375 is the best for vapn

    Thats what i use with my Volcano Digi and 3ft bags. 3 bags and im toasted for 3-4hrs.
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  4. .2 in my mflb lasted me about 8-9 pulls. if i grinded the avb i could probably get 2 more pulls off of that. Could get more but its not worth the flavor.

    .4 in the Vapor bros. 15 hits of course i stir after each hit. and i normally pull pretty fast. if i pull slow il probably get 10 really huge rips.

    Zephyr ion..can't really measure pulls..depends on your lung capacity..i could get around 5 bags off of .5. 1st bag being thick..last bag being somewhat cloudy. Its because of the makes the the air to vapor ratio higher.

    Supreme. .5 would probably get me a good 25 hits..have not used it that much..usually takes 2 hits and i'm done. When i have a day to just see how many hits i can get off of .5. thats gonna be a really slow day haha.
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  5. I can't believe you only get 15 hits off the vb with .4!! Is your avb still greenish cause im guessing edibles made with that avb would be great. I usually pack about .2 in my vb and get at least 20 good hits every time, but my avb is very browned.
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  6. I usually pack 0.05-0.1g and get between 15-20 good hits atleast. I start low on my Buddha (around 1030) and end the bowl around 2. If you guys are getting such few hits try getting some nicer bud or using lower temperatures.
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  7. haha i could probably get more if i tried, but it doesn't take a lot to get me where i need to be, yeah some of my avb would be green a majority of it was brown.I sold my vb recently now i'm using the Supreme vaporizer.Also with me when i vaporize..i never try to over do it. I only vaporize to the point where the flavor is worth the high..once the flavor starts to fade i stop..or even before that happens.
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  8. To me its all personal preference..everyone gets a different amount of pulls outta their vape.
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  9. .3 gives me around 8-10 hits at least
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  10. Yeah as long as you are blazed and happy in the end that's all that matters :smoke:
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  11. I get 20-30 easily from my iolite.
  12. There's wayyyyy too many variables to possibly answer your question, in that everyone here is going to give you different answers.

    It depends on:
    What kind of vape are you using? Bags, whips, direct draw?
    How big is the bowl?
    How much do you pack into the bowl?
    How strong is your bud?
    How dry is your bud?
    What temps are you vaping at?
    How fast are you drawing?
    How slow are you drawing?
    How big of a hit are you taking?
    How small of a hit are you taking?
    How are you determining if your bowl is cashed?
    etc, etc etc.............

    I can tell you that I get 5 to 6 hits from one bowl from my vape, but without knowing the answers above, it means diddley squat.
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  13. I am so confused. My vape literally just burns my weed past 350 F. How is anybody vaping higher than that? I set mine at like 275 and after my 5 hits my bowl is brown brown,

  14. If you are using a chinese made knock-off vape, the digital displays on those are totally not accurate so just because it may say 350, it could be way higher or way lower than that. Also keep in mind that how fast or how slow you draw also determines how hot or cold it's going to vape, unless you are using a bag vape.
  15. It's not a knock off. But it does make sense that the thermometer could be set further away from the heating element causing it to be hotter than it really says

  16. Which vape do you have?
  17. What time do you guys set it to for DaBuddha? I usually set it at 2 o'clock but I'm wondering if that's a bit too high?

  18. No two dials are calibrated the same. They're all a bit different, but 2:00 sounds like it's in the ballpark.
  19. 2 sounds too high IMO. I usually start around 1030-11

  20. Where do you end up?

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