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How many hits do you guys get from vape pens?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EnlightenedToker, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. They always say 100-150 hits on the boxes and i only get like 30. Wtf man lol

    They seem to be much more expensive than flower for what you get out of them plus they don't get me as high as flower does? Am i the only one?

    Also, after i take a hit should i let it cool for a second before i take another to not burn it up? Or does it not matter?
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  2. I’ve never counted but a cartridge usually last me a week. Maybe it’s time to ug to a rig
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  3. Ya believe it or not but ive been smoking for 18 years but ive never done a dab lol.
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  4. I don't count the hits. The carts only lasts me like 3 days.
  5. Carts last me so long i think the oil goes rancid but.... i may have a dozen different strains of carts plus vape dry flower as well... plus i have a low tolerance... Never once bot a 1 gram cart always .5 and have trouble emptying them as mentioned before they are way old...

    Of course the heavier hitter you are the less tokes you will get... i'm such a light hitter i never feel the throat burn or cough.. i do the nose job, not the throat/lung one... gave that shit up long ago...
  6. Wow damn. See i have a very low tolerance too. It never increases somehow but any other substance i build a massive tolerance to.

    I can get high like 15 times off a gram of flower and ive been smoking for years and years. Thing is that the oil vapes dont get me as high for some reason...
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  7. oil cartridges have their purpose for me and I have definitely had some that get me higher than others, but they definitely don't get me stoned the way I need to be like dabbing or smoking flower. A half gram cartridge usually lasts me about 2 weeks, but I only use it outside of the house when needed
  8. Cartridges r mostly just thc, ya don’t get the cbd cbn cbg like u would from burning flower. I use cartridges during the day at work for focus and pain, then switch to a vaporizer at night for pain and sleep.
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  9. This is off topic but thought i would throw it in in case anyone made comments bout my toking style which i mentioned above.. lol - it's common knowledge to those with interests in physics or metaphysics... "talk about being spaced" as good as 100% space when you drill down and take a picture... Maybe some are trying to fill that space with THC... not me.. lol
    This is a good one to throw out to those who seem overly attached to bodies... yet that includes most of us..
    99.9999999% of Your Body Is Empty Space
    99.9999999% of Your Body Is Empty Space

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