How many here were stoned/pissed paddys day?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by celticweedlover, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Well i was both, Im still recovering............>
    Gotta go to the pub for a cure,
    Talk ta y'all l8r!
  2. almost themost weed i've ever smoked in one day man..
    I can barely remember how muchI smoked

    I didnt wear green for saint pats, I smoked it ;)
  3. smoked it!
    wore it!
    drank it!

    I marched my ass off in the st. paddys day parade on the atlantic city boardwalk, drunk as a skunk! high as a kite! and green as hell! lol what a great day! and BEAUTIFUL weather! warmest sunshine was shining down on us as we marched as loud and wildly as we possibly could!!!!! ah, the looks and laughs I got at work the next day! lol :)
  4. i spent it dry sober and lonely. it was a wonderful day though, i spent most of it wandering through the woods, at least the parts that i wasn't in class. i had some resin so i guess i wasn't comlpetely sober, i had a nice buzz going.
  5. I dont celebrate it -he chased all the poor snakes out of Ireland.

    What did they ever do to him ?
  6. i was cheeched...that's why i wasn't arond here for a day or 2....and pished at the same time.......damn i hate mixing smoke and drink.......i'm saying that but i allways do fact i love both so out......Sid
  7. lol y'all enjoyed paddys day somehow,
    Mixing drink and hash is Loopy, but its a good buzz lol
    hope y'all have many good paddy's day's to come,
    "The guy with the red puffy eyes building a joint"
  8. smoked 5 bowls and a fatty with a friend, really green bud, didnt wear any though

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