How many here grow hydro?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vatoloco, Feb 26, 2003.


What is your method of growing?

  1. I grow in a 'soil' medium

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  2. I grow in a 'soilless' medium

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  1. I was just wanting to know how many hydro growers we have here at the city?
  2. I couldn't find any cocofiber at the hydro store and I forgot to ask if they've got any so I just got rockwool.
  3. Yea, that's what I've heard...glad I don't have that problem yet.
  4. HIGH All, Hydro All the way for me...the medium we use is the Expanded Clay Pellets.
  5. maybe im just used to soil. but all in all...its so easy to just buy a bag of it from that creepy walmart place and water it about once ever few days. no muss no fuss.
  6. same here but i would like to try hydro sometime
  7. rockwool starter cubes and expanded clay
  8. i do outdoor so hydro isn't for me at the moment

    i would love to get a couple of bubble buckets going though, it just seems so practical
  9. soil for me..seems more natural
  10. I use both. hydro in the SOG garden and to start all my clones and dirt 4 the mother plant and any left over clones after the hydro is full.

    Oh and cus im such a tight wad i use the old water out the NFT when i do a water change to water the plants in soil. I dunno why but they seem to love it!

  11. Wal Mart? Seems like every answer on this board is go to Wal MArt first! :D

    Vata , look for the wire hanging baskets at wal mart or other nursery. The liners for wire hanging baskets is made from coconut fiber.

    Or you could just go buy s bunch of coconuts and scrape off all you need. :D
  12. Ohh, so that's what that stuff is....well I already got enough rockwool to get me up and running.

    Hey critter thanks for deleting your posts so it looks like I'm conversing with myself! lol
  13. man i told ya BPP...that walmart place freaks me out...too many old people and wierdo's...and i HATE that people are looking at me in the sky cams.

    so when i say walmart...i mean that go to a local variety store and get what u need.

    plus i heard that walmart pee-tests...bastids

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