How Many Have Read '' The Satanic Bible''

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by chicken, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. it would proably amaze you by whats in there,,, it aint all about worshipping satan,,,,,

    it's wrote by ANTON LE'VAY, I BELIEVE, it basically says the same thing that wicca is based on,,,,

    do what ye will but harm ye none,,,,, do whatever the hell you want,,,, as long as you dont force your will unwillingly on another party....

    ive studied and praticed planetary magick, in the past,, studied the cabala...

    praticed out of the NECRONOMICON... a true black arts book of ancient origin,,,,

    and youd be amazed at allthough the titles may be different,,,, theres a fine line that they all are in a way if you broke it all down, they are basically the same with the words,,,, worded a little different...

    i couldnt do no white magick pratice,,, it just aint in my blood,,,, no druid here,,,, you can believe that,,,,

  2. Sounds like libertarianism. I don't understand where the magic/satan part comes in, they seem pretty disconnected.

    The Necronomicon is fictional by the way, maybe you meant the Egyptian book of the dead?
  3. I've brought that up many times before. Ignorant people are always quick to make assumptions. The Church of Satan is very cool, although some of the stuff is a little quirky, it makes more sense than Christianity or some of the others.
  4. LeVay just copied Rand and added demonic mysticism.

    He was retarded.
  5. I've read it quite a few times. I originally read it because Matt Skiba and Derek Grant from Alkaline Trio always talk about being a part of the Church of Satan. I figured, hell, if my favorite band is into this, it's worth a read. Turns out, I can identify with alot of what LaVey has to say. I was into Wicca for a while. I did like how it was sort of nature based but I just couldn't force myself to believe in most of it. I also, couldn't get into White Magick. I'm an Atheist now and I like how Satanism fits right along with that. The Satanic Bible is definitely a good read. To the OP, are you a member of the Church of Satan? I'm considering joining when I have the money..
  6. And there lies my problem with any man made church. The race for the almighty buck.

    I identify more with some of our Founding Fathers:

    Thomas Jefferson:
    Thomas Paine:
    My beliefs do not require money, or allegiance to "The One Truth". It doesn't require me to try to recruit others or to put down those that don't believe as I do.

    My beliefs require no middle-men. If God wishes to talk to me, he knows where he can find me. ;)

  7. yes it is fictional . [ what have i done all my words are underlined,, oh well ]

    i started to mention the book of the dead,,, but thought id named off enough,,,

    i think r.j. tolkinnen ? WROTE IT, a popular fantasy writer of the 40's
  8. lovecraft wrote about it first (he might have stolen it:devious:)
  9. I think I've seen this somewhere before....

  10. hahaha^ that was one of the absolute worst/best movies I have ever seen.
  11. Aleister crowley coined the saying (do what thou will)meaning the same as what anton said but back in the 1900.The whole creed is do what thou will,love is the law love under will there is no law but do what thou will .boiling it down meaning do what you want as long as you dont infict your will on some one while realizing yuor true will in life.really analize every movment You make during the day and see how many times you interfere with someone elses Will. aliester founded the abbey of thelema...I just realize that Im rammbling sorry guys
  12. Its all for intellectual curiosity my brothers, read to educate - not to evangelise. peace
  13. Its hard for me to read religious literature because It all seems so definitive. Every religious book I've tried to read (Bible, translated versions of the Torah and Quran) is written like they're positively sure of all this shit... I dont trust anyone who takes themselves too seriously.

    But of course, they all have their own unique ideas and it's interesting to read about them...kind of 'broaden your horizons,' if you will


    RM, you're my hero. I thought i was the only person in the world who ever watched that movie.
    Though it was tough to sit through... :p
  14. your right it was h.p.lovecraft that wrote it,,,, it's been years since ive opened the pages of that book...

    i tjink pot has destroyed my memory..... it's funny how all these different ''sects'' books basically have the same foundation,,,,

    just worded differently...

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