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How many g's is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zgemp17, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. #1 Zgemp17, Nov 4, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 4, 2008
    My left over bud, sorta bad quality pic. Anyone know how many Gs it is? Im guessing around 3.5.

  2. i dont see a picture.... (firefox error or did you forget to post?)
  3. I see it.
  4. Get a scale?
  5. Thanks for your worthless post. And I had a scale but my gf dropped it :(
  6. i spot a seed! haha
    looks around 1.5 to me
  7. i see a seed, you should get that... it looks like 2 grams or so maybe like 2.5... i cant really tell though could be more or less
  8. Deffinitly more than 1.5 lmao.
  9. Probably 2g max, give or take .2
  10. If you dont know how much shake you have don't laugh when someone tells you you're short. Its definitely not above two grams.
  11. dont count on it?
  12. Stop flamming like a queer thats not shake for one so good try. Anyways. Thanks all for posting.
  13. oh the irony

    and yes that is pretty much shake
  14. More than a gram. Less than two. Shitty shake.
  15. i see a few seeds.

    looks about 1.2-1.5 g'x

    and dont cry cos that all it is, not some big dense nug lol
  16. #16 Blutteufel, Nov 4, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 4, 2008

    That's not flaming. And what's with this hating on people that try to help you? You're lucky anyone helped with that kind of attitude.

    PS: You're actually the only one who's even come close to flaming in this thread and are being hostile for absolutely no reason. Interesting, no?
  17. 1.5g-2g depends on the moisture and density.
  18. Looks like a little less than 2 grams.
    Don't ask if you don't wanna know.
  19. yeah i would say 1-2 g's.

    and don't get mad and "flame" people who are supposedly "flaming" you. Its shake. Shake= weed that is left over after you use up all your nugs haha

    anyways happy smokin

  20. with the seeds that you have in your \shwag. id say around 1.3-1.7.

    without the seeds id say about a gram

    happy smokin:smoking::smoking:

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