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How many grams...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by griffin3141, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. ...does it take you to get blazed using your prefered smoking devise? My tolerance is pretty low, so it just takes me a gram in joints, and about .4-5 in my lightbulb vape.
  2. .2-.3 out of anything cuz all i smoke is dankalicious

    usually my bong or bub though.
  3. .5 joint

    .3 bong

    .3 - .5 in the glass
  4. like .3 of the dank, and suprisingly only like .4 of middies, i usually only smoke from my glass pipe.
  5. Just let me haul away on my mini-bowls of regs, like, 2 bowls if I hit them hard enough I should be able to bounce.
  6. Minimum 1 geeb, for any potency, but if it's dank than even a pinch pack will suffice.

    I get sufficiently ripped off of a 1 gram blunt on three heads.

    whatever it takes to get there, brahsk.
  7. ....i would say about .2 out of my pipe cause i can only smoke once every two weeks after my DT lol on my way to work from my PO....i am blitzed for a good 2 or 3 hours:smoking:
  8. 1-4g blount of schwag (no sense tryiing to conserve this crap)

    .3-.5g bowl in bong/bub/pipe decent mids/kb

    4 or 5 hits of any kind of real dank (seeing as how I seldom find some and can't grow my own yet)
  9. .8 - 1g in bong depending on the bud, i <3 Bong.

  10. ahhh dude talib kweli is fuckin ill. i'd smoke with him. but um yea like a bowl of dank which is about .4 - .5
  11. When I started, we'd smoke like .25-.3 grams of in a bowl and I'd be blown.

    Now, I could smoke 3 blunts (3 x .75g = 2.25g) of reg in a day and still get along fine. But I would never do that, I gotta go to work nowadays.

    I prefer just smoking a blunt of some do (.55g) sporadically (mayb twice a week), which gets me real high but not for too long and wit this kinda high, I can go to work and do just fine anyway.
  12. Well it usually takes about 1-2 grams to get high, then smoke another 2 and get blazed.
  13. Shit. I dunno.

    I don't really know weights. And, honestly, how much it takes... well, it really depends. Like a couple days ago, I smoked two fat j's on 3 heads..... And I had a weak, short lasting buzz.. Just now, I smoked a roach by myself... and I'm high. Not REAL high.... but I'm high.
  14. two bowls worth of regs will get me blazed

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