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How many grams will 50$ get me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cigeth711, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I have 50 bucks but I wanna get bong, but some more weed too. I have a homemade bong that works well but I kinda want a real one.
  2. Buy 45$ dollars in weed and 5$ dollars on blunts.Peace:smoke:
  3. you can get some nice bubblers for 50-70 bucks.

    think of it this way.

    For 50 bucks you either get a GOOD bubbler, or you get a CRAPPY bong.

    Either save up more money or go with a bubbler.

    Anyways 50$ should be 3.5gs if you were wondering that
  4. Well, $50 id deff be able to get ya a quater of kills.
  5. probly about 4 grams

  6. i have to agree, bubblers are seriously one of my favorite ways to smoke. they allow for bigger hits too (maybe not bong sized but close) which get you ripped:D
  7. 40 $ in weed, 5 $ in blunts, and 5 $ in 1 choc bar, 1 bag of chips, and a gatorade.
  8. if you want mids you can get a half zip (or at least i can :D) if your lucky

    if you want dank you can get around a quarter give or take
  9. Well, I have a homemade bong, and to be honest it actually isn't that bad, I made it out of one of those Eco shaped Arrowhead bottles heh. Anyway, I can get atleast high from 2 bowls (socket wrench thing). So I don't think I need a real bong just yet. Maybe when I get a job. Anyway one of you said I can get atleast 4g. I only smoke like twice a week because I do it for recreational purposes. How long will 4-14grams last me?
  10. man i would get 14 grams cus thats how much a half is for me. anyway, on average prices you could probably get 7, or a 1/4.
  11. same here... the gs are dependent on the quality... fire = higher prices, but I'm sure you can get some decent mids at 1/4
  12. Where I live you would get about 3.0 - 3.5 grams.
  13. get 1 ounce of stress and spent the rest on blunts.

    But, $50 will get you about 3.5g or and 1/8th of good smoke.
  14. Usually about an eighth of dank. But ask your dealer how much he sells them for because you could be like" Hey I want an 1/8 for 50" and later find out he sells his eighths for 40.
  15. i could get about a quarter for 50$. but that's canada..
  16. and australia :D
  17. DAMN i live in MI. i want to go to canada and get some bomb bud :cool:

    here: 50 would get you:

    Mids: half or close, depending on person

    Dank: around a 1/8th and a blunt or two. ha
  18. it depends on what ur buying
    i live in ga and usually for an 8th of mids its 20
    dank is 50 and 8th
    anything else thats fire is 60 an 8th and up
  19. Damn dude whare i come from all I ever get is some good middies and thats at 20 a 1/4th. So I could get a half an o for like 40 or i kno i guy who will sell me some aight weed not the best for 50 an o so i got it good lol. The other thing is none of my shits str8 from the dealer so i dont even really have the hook ups lol.
  20. for 50 dollars i can get anywhere from 2-15 grams

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