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How many grams to get you high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by greg50, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. How many grams do you need to smoke to get you high? I have read very very varying numbers of different threads, I'm just curious to see how much you all need to smoke.
  2. .3 give or take
  3. Takes like 3 or 4 wrench socket domers to get me set.

    I fuckin love weed.
  4. well it all depends on the device I smoke out of. If I vape it is amazing how little i can use like .1-.2 and I am good.
  5. .5 in one hit out of a bong and I'm good for 30 minutes.
  6. 1 gram and a bowl and i'm good.

  7. i highly doubt you get only 7 hits out of an 8th. or if you do then your getting ripped off buddy.
  8. all depends on the method.
    Vape - .2 lasts forever, you can smoke for 20 min straight - body high that creeps up on you and is very pleasent. - lasts like 2 hours
    Bong - .3-.5 depending on the strain/ quality - couple hours
    bowl -.3-.5 ... a good pack- f%cked for a couple hours
    gravity bong - .5 - destroyed lol
    .7 g blunt - 4-5 hour high

    keep in mind this is all headies/ piff/ dank buds
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    I guess I got ripped off when I bought all these jars then


    Think a little bit before you spew something out into public forum.

  10. Damn man. You got a lot a surplus of ganja. How many different types of weed ya got? How do you smoke it? I hope that you vary the devices you use to smoke everyday. I know that shit would be mad fun since you got so much.
  11. ^Man I think that amount would last me the rest of my life lol. 0.1g does it for me, I don't smoke atm much so tolerance isn't really an issue.
  12. I grow, so there's pretty much always an abundance "laying around". I'm going to be pulling twice that amount in a couple weeks.

    I only have one strain currently, White Russian, but it does it's job so I'm not quite out on the hunt for another type just yet, although variety is nice.

    My daily "grab-n-go" smoker is my Pure Glass double perc'd 2 foot bong with an ash catcher.... but I'll switch it up sometimes to my 4ft glass on glass all the way down to my girlfriends little bowl.

    It's pretty fun being able to just sit here on GC and take rips all day, lol... sometimes it gets boring, but oh well that's what weed and movies are for.
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    .3 for a good 2 1/2 hours, super low tolerance.
  14. Damn... the idea that one of those jars could have fallen and gotten tiny fragments of glass into all that bud scares me.
  15. invest in a vaporizer. .3 in a vaporizer gets me ripped for a while.. .5-2grams otherwise.
  16. About half a gram, taken over the course of 3-4 hits, will get me incredibly stoned.

    I won't be able to flick a bic, and it lasts a good 4 hours.

    I love weed :D !!

  17. Hang out with me :wave:
  18. Usually a 0.7 to a gram, of super dank. i have a really high tolerance and came in with a naturally high tolerance. :(
  19. lol the funny thing is I'm not that far from PSU
  20. yeah it's typically about a .5 nug to get a good buzz goin'.

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