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How many grams is in a dub(20 sack)?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by smokin trees, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. my friend used to always buy for me i just gave him my money and he always came back with some good shit. but he moved and i just ran out of the last ounce he bought for me with my money. i look on here and ppl say from 1 gram to 3.5 grams. that really dont help me at all. if i knew i culd probably look up what it looks like but 1gram doesnt seem like that much am i wrong? and 3.5 grams seems like too much im thinking maybe 1.7-2.0 grams for $20 would be a good deal, well what do you guys think im sure some of you know more then me.
  2. Don't buy a dub sack 20 sack whatever. Just buy in specific measurements, make sure you have a scale. Ensures you never get shorted.
  3. Good Weed - Dub = 1.5-1.7 (maybe more if you're lucky, friendly etc.)
    Shit Weed (anything with seeds/stems/not green) maybe more.
  4. .5 grams is in a dub.
    Just ask your dealer for a half gram for 20 and he'll know what your talkin bout.
  5. a dub can mean alot of different things to different people around here 20 gets you a gram of chronic or 8 grams of schwag
  6. do the math son

    3.5 is an 8th
    7 is a 1/4
    14 is a half
    28 is an O

    so a dub is(with a fair dealer) about half of an 8th.
  7. 1 gram here for 20, dank stuff.
  8. 1.7 Grams

  9. i dont get how a 'dub' probably short for duece or two is half an 8th man:D.
    wuts the math there:devious:

    a twenty sack can be anywhere from 0.8-2.5+ depending on location and quality
    maybe less then 0.8 if A++grade weed (in high priced area) and more then 2.5 is prob in the schwag isle, unless you have a nice connect
  10. So you pay 40 for a gram? lol..
  11. I was being a smart ass because this is a stupid question why don't you just ask your dealer OP, is it really that hard?
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    lol well yeah, I guess you have a point BIRDS.

    I forget that most of the people are dealing with shady people who don't work with standards. But my regular area prices have always been 40 for a 8th unless it was named dank strains. Therefore my calculations were based off that.
  13. 3.5-4 for mids
    1.0-1.5 for dank
  14. Just depends on your dealer and the quality of bud. Ive gotten dubs ranging from 1 gram to 7
  15. It depends on where your located, the quality you're getting, and the dealer.

    Around here, $20 of dank is about 1.7 grams.

    In your location, it may be different.
  16. Dubs here are and have always been for the most part 1 gram take or give .1 or .2
  17. A "Dub" or 20 is nothing more than just the price you paid for weed. It's whatever $20 buys you. There is no set amount associated with it.

    Some places you can get a gram of dank for $20 and other places 2 grams for $20. It all depends on your local prices.
  18. Where I am, usually 1 gram of the finest dank. Bud is for the most part very expensive in my area unless you know a grower/buy in bulk.
  19. yeah aight i realize that it depends on the quality now, but what are some good ways to tell if its good weed or not, like how green/brown it is ? does the good shit have a stronger smell? thats probably a stupid question lol
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    3.5g of mids. 1g of chronic in my locale. Smell is certainly and indicator, but people mask smells now a days cause their shadeballs. Look at the bud under a light if it seems really 'crystally' then it's probably good shit. If it doesn't taste like ass, it's good as well. :p Though I've had some poor tasting headies.

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