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How many grams in $60 of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Mellohead, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. I just need an average number of grams for $60 of weed. I bought an eighth of og kush last week from my dealer, and it weighed 4 grams. :smoke:
  2. it depends on where you live, anywhere from 3.5-6 grams for 60 bucks...
  3. 4 grams, so you got more than an eighth, 0.5g more to be precise. Where I live an eighth costs right about 55 bucks so I'd say you made a pretty good deal.
  4. depends where you live anywhere from 5 to 28
  5. where I live for some high grade shit add $5 and you'll get 3.5Gs. For mids $60 will get you a half (14Gs)
  6. An eighth to a quarter. 3.5 to 7.
  7. Everybody's going to give you different answers. For me, 7-10 grams. A close friend of mine knows a grower and gets an ounce for 75. It all depends.
  8. 3 or 3.5 grams of dank
  9. Where I live, I can get 7.5-8 g for $60.00
  10. $60 in Victoria, BC will get you a quarter of dank bud
  11. I'll probably get somewhere between 7-8 grams of the good stuff for $60.
  12. Here in Dallas its anywhere around an oz for straight Mexican dirt.
    For low mids around a half oz.

    And for dank between 3.5-5.5 depending on quality or how far from the city you buy it.
    But I buy from my sis. I got 2.2 gs of fire for $20.
  13. ask for an eighth and you'll get a better deal than if you ask for $60 worth.

    for $60 i'd give you 3.5 g's and tell you it was 4.5.
  14. A solid 5 grams where I'm at
  15. Here in Europe you can get 4.2 grams of dank for 30$.

    Still overpriced imo considering how effing easy it is to grow. It is nicknamed ¨weed¨ because that´s what it basically is.
  16. You asshole. I would scale it and never buy from you again.
  17. If you´d do that to me I would fuck you up. That´s just not cool.

  18. forsure brah ill hook you up if your ever by tuscon
  19. 3.5 grams (an eighth) of dank. if its illegal and not medicinal where you live that is usually the price.
  20. 3.5 grams of dank for 60 where i m at......rip off

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