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how many grams are in a blunt??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by jakumaraski, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. ya i was just curious on how many grams were in a blunt cuz i think 1 gram can roll a decent joint so im thinking i'd be 2 grams
  2. uhhhh....i could roll a .3 gram joint or a 5 gram joint....a 1 gram blunt or a 6 gram blunt....how ever much you want to put in...
    This is a really noob (i cant belive i just said that word) question, shouldn't be on the "Seasoned Tokers" board
  3. + rep for the Juelz Santana !!!:smoke:
  4. i say a "real" blunt thats cut and stuffed, about 1/4 to

    maybe even 3 eigths.
  5. it depends what kind of blunt/blunt wrap you use. i never go with anything less than 1.5 in a blunt tho.
  6. the question is how many grams do you want in your blunt. that is your answer. make it as big or small as you want it.

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  7. heh... if your looking to get high off very little my best guess is you would role a skinny blunt... you dont need that much weed if your a light weight to enjoy the sensation.. Plus To answer your questions, Less than a 15 Sac... if a Dime weighs 2.3 grams, and a nick does half of that, you do the math :p

  8. damn dude is that before you rolled it with bud? or after....thats a fatass blunt
  9. hell yeah it is.. you roll a damn blunt with however much weed you want for like the 5th time
  10. a blunt we rolled a while back:

  11. I've done two gram blunts. Usually, I use 3.5. You can fill that shit with more than 7 grams though, no problem.

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