How Many (Glass) Bowls Have You Broken/lost?

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    Yup... title says it all. Might help too if you say how many years toking.
    Had this white glass bowl for 2.5 years! Present from my ex, always got compliments on it haha. Dropped it like about 18" onto hardwood floor, broke ;(    3cm thick below the bowl where it broke too, right where green meets white.
    Afterwards I started thinking about all the pieces I've broke and lost over the years...
    Anyways, my number is now 8 I believe... in 10 yrs of toking.


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  2. I've lost count, sadly. Beautiful bowl.
  3. I've dropped a chillum, and I've also had my bed collapse and shatter my old bong.

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  4. My bro broke our bong awhile back. The downstem was fine, so I put it in a gatorade bottle. Later I accidentally knocked the gatorade bong off a table and broke the downstem. It was sad, because it was the coolest bong I've ever had. It was orange and black, with a black coil going around the tube, we named it Tigger.

    Amazingly my bro's glass bowl got knocked off a 7foot high shelf by a foam football, bounced down onto a table, then bounced onto a tile floor, coming to a rest and not being damaged in any way. Twas a miracle.
  5. In order of purchase:
    1st Bowl: Ex girlfriend has it, still trying to get it back
    1st Bong (mini): Ended up trashing it because while portable, the water always got in my mouth...ick.
    2nd Bowl: Still have it! It's always been well-protected by a small velcro flashlight case.
    2nd Bong: Tipped it over in the bathroom sink...shattered to pieces.
    3rd Bong: Ex girlfriend has it, still trying to get it back.

    So really I've only broken one piece lol, go me.
  6. Two or three. All on purpose when I needed a break from drugs (always ended up buying a new one a week later), or needed to stay clean to get a job. 
  7. Around 10+
    first time i threw one because my homie said "theres a cop coming up the hill". I lost around 3 or 4. My homies broke at least another 5 by being careless. I still would much rather use glass than metal.
  8. 6, lost my first pipe at a party. Threw my first bong into a rock quarry so landlord wouldn't see it. Dropped another pipe onto tile at my first apartment. Dropped sherlock, my first and best sherlock, onto hardwood after a wake and bake, forgot it was on the sheets. Friends broke my first bubbler somehow. And I won a medicali bubbler on 4/20 from my lhs, and the clothes dryer threw it onto my patio. But those were the pioneers, I've become much more carefull with my glass.
  9. I've never personally broken a bowl, but I have broken many many slides(probably like 8 or 9).
    I once had about 2000$ worth of glass broken in about 3 months though by my friends. I wasn't a happy camper =(
  10. None because I exercise an odsessive level of care with my things.
  11. Probably like 15 but I buy em cheap
  12. let's see 3 I think.
    1st was one I used for tobacco. I would squeeze out what was left in the buts when I was out of cigs and out of money. Dog ate it.
    2nd was a little black and white stripped bowl that I put between two bricks and smashed it with a hammer. That fucker was hard to break lol. I did it because I was trying to quit smoking.
    3rd the bottom of the bowl broke while I was cleaning it.
    For the longest time I was using tinfoil bowls so if you count those than the number is much much higher.
  13. Ha good stories guys. I've lost one or two to ceramic sinks myself.
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    Two over the last ~10 years. Only one was my fault.
    The other this dumbass jams a screwdriver in my bowl to clean it, after I specifically told him not to do it because he'll break it, and of course he breaks it. Guess he didn't know glass doesn't bend it breaks. He lied about it for a couple months too and finally admitted he did it. At least he bought me a new one.
  15. A $30 glass spoon. Thick ass hell and I knew how to rip it. Dropped it 5 times and it was fine. I had it almost 4 months and I stabbed a piece out of the bowl with needle nose pliers trying to scrap off some resin. My only broken piece. And it was my only one. I loved it.

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