How many gigs of music do you have?

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    I did some searching and didn't find anything like this.

    Who loves music? I do. How much do you have on your computer? post a screen shot and let us see.

    In my itunes I have 176.9GB loaded in. But in total on my computer and externals that stay connected I have ~270GB. I have some other drives and an old 60gig that I store music on as well, but I dont really listen to the stuff on there unless im in my car.

    Im addicted like crack I like to change it up a lot and always be listening to something new, I have something from pretty much every genre imaginable.


    so how much music do you have?
  2. i had about 25 gb, but then i downgraded to an ipod touch and now have around 10gb
  3. 51 Gigs.
  4. Damnnnnn.. I only have 50.2 and I'm in highschool that's alot considering I listen to all of it
  5. Around 10 on my laptop right now, another 150 or so on my external.
  6. My ipod i had was 120 gig then it got wet and broke i had 100 gigs on it of my life :(
  7. 381 million thousand.. no really i had around 15 gigs on my shitty imac.. but the power supply is shot on it.. its a depressing subject.. i know i should have an external drive but i was smoking lots of sativa at the time :rolleyes:
  8. Less than one.
  9. i have 75.3 gb right now
  10. 80.5 GB (86,473,811,888 bytes)
  11. Dang, I came here to brag. But ya'll have a shit-ton more than I do.

    I have 51GB but I had more on my external before it decided to die. A months worth of music isn't too bad though. :smoking:

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  12. im waiting for someone to come show me up so I have to get back on my grind. Ive really been slacking my ratios are doing really well though.
  13. 26gigs

    that's with a lot of full discographies and 1-3 hour mixes though.
    i really wish i had more music.

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