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How many fucken times do i have to get jacked........

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by A1017, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Okay lets see first off im mad as fuck cause i have to re-type this cause i fucken accedently deleted the first one but First Incedent : Me and my brother Pitched in on a fifty sac and gave it to my friend M to get it for us. Then we waited for like 4-5 hours seriously and then we called him and he said he got jacked. He said the dealer took the money and said "i have to re-up wait here" and then drove off. I was out fifty dollars then. Second Incedent : Me and my brother again pitched in together on a forty sac, we gave M the money and waited for again 4-5 hours and almost lost our ride for the party we were bringing the weed to. I walked outside to see his garage door open and i walked to the corner to look casual and saw him there and went to talk to him. He said to wait a little bit more because i had asked him for my money back im pretty sure anyone would do this if they were losing there ride to the party. He said to wait because he said he is sure ciser can come and i said okay, but then his friend rolled up (lets call him D) and walked in his garage only to walk out in a short time then i waited till he walked away and i went up and he gave me a fucken NIK SAC and i was like WTF. Third incedent : I was going to the store with M and when we were walking back and saw his friends that said they were bout to smoke and then we were walking back to our house i handed him the ten dollars to get a dime and then in about a half an hour later i texted him to see whats up and he said he got jacked AGAIN. FUCK MY LIFE FORREAL FUCK MY LIFE :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  2. dude, you got played by the same cat three times in a row. i think you need to learn his one simple trick, he isn't getting fucking jacked or he's a fucking retard in the first place.

    get some real friends, i have to leave a best friend behind after an incident, it's all well though.
  3. Seriously? Don't use a middle man. Either get it yourself, or don't get it at all.

    I thought that was common sense...especially after the first time.
  4. you let the same guy rip you off 3 times in a row? wtf dude. common sense. dont wanna hate, as im sure you feel shitty. But damn....... how could you let that happen. Betta be looking to fuck some punks up
  5. you'd think youd learn after the first time he jacked you not to front money.

    never ever front money.

    "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

    shame on you niggga
  6. M's jacking you. But I bet your trolling, it's so obvious that he's fucking you over.
  7. im starting to think troll to.

    i know damn straight that if that happened to me id let that punk keep the money to help pay for his dental surgery.
  8. Wtf? You let the same guy rip you off 3 times? Looks like you haven't learned your lesson and you're just giving that dude free money and he knows it.
  9. "Shit! Almost out of gas money, better see if A1017 needs some weed, mwahahaha."
  10. u need to get to the source.
  11. get me once shame on you
    get me twice shame on me
    get me three time im a dumb ass
    get me four times i commit....
  12. i know like three of his dealers but fuck him forreal im just bout to get from them " Straight to the source "

  13. It ain't even that. This guy is dumb enough to fall for the same "I got jacked" bull 3 times?! Come on! Oh and not to mention the fact that he GIVES the guy the money everytime before even seeing the bud. When is he going to learn NOT to give the money first? Christ OP! Christ! You're a joke to that dude. He knows he can rob you and get away with it and it seems to me like you don't see that.
  14. number one rule: NEVER trust someone with YOUR money. you did it to yourself man
  15. Troll....

    Funny tho...lol
  16. Yeah bro, sounds like M is playing you like a fiddle. Quit fucking with that kid and I guarantee that you never get jacked again.
  17. That sucks that you keep getting jacked, at least it wasnt 2 much bud b4, i was talkn with this 1 kid who was alot smaller then me so i though it was straigh(keep in mind its dark out) so we were like chekn everything out making sure its good, then bam he takes off running,im right on his ass like 2 steps away ready too whoop some ass and then i see a car light turn on, like 4 dudes jump out and i just ran away lol
  18. Lmao what a retard.. The kid isn't getting jacked lol he sees you as some weed newb and genus taking advantage of you.. Don't use a middle man to get weed kid. Not smart.. The whoole time he is prolly laughing at you with his friends on how ge is playin you for a sucker :(
  19. "shame on you niggga" haha!

    everytime i read he gave money to M my smile got bigger. You are horrible at doing drugs.. just stop.
  20. your gettin fucked around, and this dude is doing it because he can.

    quit dealing through this kid and find your own hook ups and you'll never get jacked again if your smart about it, learn from this.

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