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How many exercises per workout?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by TwiztidToker24, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. So I have been working out for 8 weeks now and my workouts are a three day split. Monday chest and back, wednesday shoulders and legs, friday bis and tris. I have been doing four exercises per muscle group so 8 exercises per workout. However I recently stumbled upon information claiming that this is too many exercises per body group. This information claims that only one exercise should be done per muscle group, however this seems way to little. Any thoughts?
  2. Why are you doing shoulders and legs? Do legs as a day in itself, and do shoulders with your back or chest. You need cardio too
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    1 per group really doesn't seem like it will do anything. I do p90x and there's like 8 or more per group. Works great for me you should check it out
  4. i do like 5-7 per workout but thats just me
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    Same !
  6. I usually do one heavy compound exercise for each muscle group i am working that day. Works well.
  7. CanadaX420, you have offered some good help in the past based on nutrition and weight lifting so i valur your opinion here on GC. That being said why do you only do one compound exercise per muscle group each day? Do you lift every day or a split routine? I am not doubting you just curious as I am trying to build the most effective routine for myself. I am a very hard gainer and it takes a lot of food and good form in the gym for me to gain muscle.
  8. Mind posting up your workout plan? I kinda went from a two day split of upper body/lower body 1-2-rest-1-2-rest etc.

    Now I'm on a 4 day cycle with it being Chest - Back - Shoulders - Arms (I couldn't do many leg exercises due to a hip injury).

    I'm now looking to change it to a plan of two areas per workout day. Kinda like posted above with Chest/Back Bis/Tris Shoulders/Legs but a bit better formulated and with compound exercises.
  9. The amount of exercises per muscle group really depends on the intensity and exercise selection. If you're doing legs and you do 5 sets of squats at high intensity, then yeah that's probably your entire leg workout. If you use the leg curl and leg extension machines instead of squatting, then you should do more (i.e lunges or something).
    Personally I like to focus my workout around a certain core lift (or 2), like bench, squat, deadlift, power clean, military press, row, or weighted chinup. Then, depending on my performance in that lift I'll decide on the accessory work. You can see my workouts in my Intermittent Fasting/Workout Log thread.
  10. I do three compound exercises per workout and then some bodyweight stuff as supplemental lifts.

    Yesterday I did squats, Overhead press, deadlift and dips. Tomorrow it'll be squats, bench, upright rows and neutral grip Pullups.

    Going hard on just a few compounds makes for a tiring and productive workout.

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