How many dollars have you broken in glass.

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  1. Maybe I am just very very unlucky and clumsy or just plain stupid, But I wonder how many other people have broken a lot of money worth of glass.

    Personally a estimate of around $900, I am now stuck with 2 acrylics because I am poor and need to make sure the bongs last.(One 2 footer from GC <3)
  2. I have broken my first bubbler from GC that was 25 dollars or so, then my ice pinch bowl which was 20 or so dollars. Then it was the leisure 6 arm downstem which was 65, and zob replacement downstem(eventhough it wasn't too much of a loss) 20. I think I got it all. So total is 130 which is a lot lower than 900 but still its a loss of 130 well 110.
  3. The only thing I've broken is the diffy that came with my WS from gc. I had to buy a new one which costed me $10 so it wasn't too bad. But a friend of mine broke my SSFG DD slide and I was down $42 but he paid me back
  4. Probably like 150 bucks in bowls. I'm a bowl killer when I'm at work.

    I have yet to break any of my bongs, my buddy broke the joint off my inline but it was clean so we just epoxied it back together.
  5. around 300
    about 5 or 6 peices/slides
  6. Broke the base of my MGW 21 inch. Still in the shop and is going to cost around 75 to fix but definitely worth it. Broke a bowl on purpose one time. Completly into dust. So overall about 100 worth.
  7. ive lost probably ~ $750 by parents smashing shit they found
  8. once had a $300 locally blown bong that my dog knocked over with his tail and broke.. that was a day full of hate... otherwise i haven't broke a piece that i have bought.. i was given a piece that i later broke
  9. I don't know a dollar amount but I'm pretty clumsy when it comes to breaking pieces. I've broken several pipes, the whip from our vaporizer, one bong and a glass slide or two.... I keep telling my husband we need to get a locking cabinet that I can't get into, so I can't break anything. :|

  10. Thumbs up for a fellow long islander! Thumbs down for broken pieces sorry to hear man!
  11. I've broken 2 bongs and quite a few glass spoons. probably around $750 I would say.
  12. I've never broken a peice, but have had over 1500$ worth stolen from my house, shit happens
  13. ..don't want to think about it.. 3 pieces at the most. What I've lost more money from is buying a bong and reselling/trading it for something. Probably down 600 from that.
  14. I just broke my zong and a steamroller one fell and hit the other. Those cost 250 And I don't even know the amount of glass I broke over the years but lets just say plenty.
  15. None myself in 5 years of smoking, but a friend broke my minimaster
  16. I've only broken a pipe once and it was my first pipe ever from a gas station. So around $6.
  17. too many doll hairs
  18. Broke a bowl that came free with my vape.

    Broke 5 $7.00 bong sliders

    So $35
  19. $0 :bongin:

    *knock on wood*

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