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How many do you toke a day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by :::===={XX}, Sep 15, 2003.


How many cones pipes or joints a day

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  1. So how many cones or pipes or joints do you smoke a day.

    I smoke about 10/30 cones a day dont smoke joints and only smoke pipe if on the move
  2. well last night.... uhh.... more than 1 an hour anyways thats for sure... close to 2 per hour i'd say... and the session was pretty much 1 & 3/4 days. uhh... i'm lost... can someone help me with the maths,


    Ozirilos came to town to stay, town to stay town to stay... Ozerilos came on down today, down today down today...

    and we all had an grand ole time. beeeee-caaauuuuse....
    Ozerilos has a brown toopay, brown toopay brown toopay...
    Ozerilos head went twirlae, head twirlae head twirlae.


    meh heh heh heh.

    anyone got the math figured out yet?

    ... not me.



    no nor i.

  3. I'd say I usually smoke about 3 joints, and a miselanious (spelling????) 5-10 bowls a day... i dont smoke TOO much but i definatly toke up....once twice thrice at a time, not a nickle, and not a dime, we smoke by the bowl, we smoke by the blunt, oh how heavenly it is when i roll my special JUNT!
  4. its diff every day, its guarnteed i smoke everyday but it really depends on what im doing to determine on how much i at work i smoked a joint during first break then a bowl and lunch and a bowl at dinner, havent smoked anything since i got home cause i been busy drinkin but im bout to spark up a bowl right now. So for today 1joint 3bowls, id say thats about average give or take a bowl or two.
  5. if u need to smoke over 10 times a day u got crap weed or ur just wasting ur money cause u don't need to smoke that much

  6. or they have a high tolerance... so they need more to get high... :confused:
  7. 2,3 mebee 4 Js....

    at weekends i cane the bongs.

    usually a 1/4 bong mix for 3 peeps. a good few bong hits each. 5 - 10.

    i think maybe i smoke too much. but ah well. i'm on vacation...i don't need to be sober at all.

  8. well i don't smoke with the kiddies around,if my little guy's not at school,and downstairs watchin a movie lookin like he's gunna fall asleep or something i will. but at nite when all is good, i usually do. but during the day if the kids are at school and i feel like it i will. but sometimes i just don't feel like it. i think it's the comin down part that just makes me so tired sometimes and i feel like the end of my just drags on. just depends what i feel like!
  9. lol i didn't really answer your question, i would say on a day that's clear to smoke, 2-3 j's.
  10. I have a rediculously low tolerance and strong reaction, so one (partially filled) bowl has effects for 4 or 5 hours. That being said, I will almost always smoke once a day. Twice is pushing it.
  11. All I do is toke......Unless I am on my motorcycle. then nothing till I getr home.

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