How Many days for Indoor BubbaKush ? 1st run

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  1. This is my first run of this strain and im just wondering how long is the flowering period for BUBBA KUSH ? Im at 35 days since switching to 12/12. I was actually able to add Co2 for this grow and the buds a much larger than previous grows. But i have just about double my nutrient feeding too.

    So, how many of you have run some Bubba K and how many days till your girls were ready ? A friend said 55 but my trich's are starting to go cloudy already.

    Sorry about the glare from the lights, but heres a couple pictures. Cant believe they are only 35 days.

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  2. Depends on growing conditions but I wouldn't do anything less than 55..I would recommend 60.
  3. Bubba Kush is a 45 day strain. Hope its the same/real BK. Good luck! :hello:
  4. I have a clone that was given to me descibed as bubble gum. Is this the same? :wave:
  5. i believe bubba kush is a cross of bubblegum and Kush. not sure otherwise.
  6. Bubba Kush is definitely not a 45 day strain.. its about 8.5-9 weeks which comes to ~60 days. But I would use these days as more of a guide than a definite time table, for the exact time to harvest you're going to have to check the trichomes

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