How many days a pack are you averaging right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. I think about right now...I'm doing a pack every 4 or 5 days around. But at the rave, I'm probably gonna end up smoking an entire pack within the span of a couple hours. So bad....but when you're rollin, THEY TASTE SOOOOOOO GOOOD!!! :D
  2. About 1 every 4 days, I'm trying to quit that shit but it's not working.
  3. i smoke a pack and a half a day. but i am cutting back my goal is a pack a day
  4. I'm steadily dropping down from a pack or more a day to slightly under a pack a day. Depending on how the day goes anyway. I smoke a lot at work, and when I'm hanging out somewhere outdoors...

    I really need to cut down. Kamel Reds are pricey...
  5. nocturnal?????
  6. Within a 24 hour period.

    For me... i haven't had a cig since Wednesday... i just realized that and now i really want one really bad.
    I'm usually a pack every 2 days kinda girl.
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  7. Just under a pack a day. I smoke newport 100's right now. Usually 4 or so get bummed from me.
  8. anywhere from a pack to 2 a day....sometimes i smoke alot...othertimes i dont...but whatever
  9. I smoke a pack a day, as of now I am slightly cutting back so I can quit in the future.
  10. Just under a pack a day, on average anyway. Some days I'll smoke two cigarettes, other days I'll smoke two packs.
  11. tobacco is wacco.
  12. No shit, especially since the tax raise here in Indiana =\; my fellow Kamel Red smoker.
  13. If i smoked a pack a day id have to quit. Fuck 5+ a day. Some places if 5 even, Some places up to like 5.75.

    Fuck that noise.

    Wish i still had my old connect.

    Dude got cigs on the cheap one way or another, I didnt ask questions, Not my place to ask. He slanged em out his work (which didnt sell ciggerates period) and outta his house.

    Used to be tight with him and hed slang ya a pack of newport hundos fresh for 3 even. Cheaper in bulk.

    But on topic, I try to make a pack last like a week but it dont always work.
  14. Pack a day or so. Reds.
  15. Ahh I only have 3 cigs left. :(
  16. No. They suck. They make your hands smell. They give you cancer. They kill your grandfather.
  17. I honestly like the smell. I love smelling my fingers after a cig.:smoke:
  18. I dont get cigarette smoking, ive probably smoked a pack in my whole life and its so nasty i dont even understand how you can become addicted
  19. Marlboro redz, pack o day
  20. Unless you got others asking for some then, its a pack everyday lol. Somedays i don't smoke and some i smoke alot. Depends where i am too. I could'nt smoke a whole pack by myself, specially at work you get 3 breaks lol, not enough time.

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