How many crumbs of weed are around your roof?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Ash Trayz, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Was just going around the house, looking at my floors and I kept seeing what seems to me little stems and buds.

    So I started to gather around and I came up off more than what I would think. I found some decently small sized nugs. Got me a good 3 small bowls or so.
    Anyway's I'm just wondering, its crazy how many crumbs I found. I thought to myself for a second, this was enough to get me convicted if any cops came and did a deep search haha.

    Just wanted to share that with the world, any thoughts? :)
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  2. When you grow it will always be on your clothes. I wipe the bottom of my feet and socks to get the stems and leaves off. I literally find some on my clothes everyday.

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  3. Nice brother.
    I would like to see that haha.

    Do you indoor grow? I was thinking about starting a small lil plant in my closet. Does it stink?
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  4. Trim days get a little messy, but I'm pretty careful with my cured bud that shit takes a lot of work.
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  5. I actually have no weed on my roof.
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  6. 9
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  7. Yea but not to bad if its one plant and u use some Ozeium or however u spell it. Carbon filter will remove all smell if you can afford one, there's DIY options to of course. As far as weed scraps, omg literally all over my counters and under dressers. I sweep alot but i can always find bud on my floor lmfaoo.

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  8. the word you were looking for was floor
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  9. One man's floor is another man's roof, when you're living in the basement.
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  10. crawlspaces n shit
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  11. To the best of my knowledge, I have not even ONE crumb on my roof. LOL Not sure what you're going for with that question. TWW
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  12. So, you're picking up little crumbs and kernals off of the floor? And then you're smoking it? Crazy. Never occurred to me to look.

    To be honest, my floor isn't that dirty. I mean, if you can just grab a few bowls worth of ganja off of the floor.....that's got to be one dirty mother bitch of a floor bro. lol! :metal:
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  13. The loose carpet hairs get you extra high maybe.
  14. I looked in my fridge once as my friend once left my bong in there, There was a rather large nug around 0.7, this was about 2 days after and my family didn't notice. Probabley thought it was a Brussels sprout
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  15. I do it outside. That is how you get pounds. ;)

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  16. Haha nice, that's too bad I guess.
    Try looking "around" your roof, instead of on it. As I refer to the thread title.

    (sarcasm) :p
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  17. I bought a shag carpet for this very reason. After I'm done with a bag (I usually have a full week until I can re-up), out come the tweezers and a flashlight. I was actually pretty upset that I was so neat with my last bag.. It's gross, it's weird, but it helps me sleep at night and keeps me from ejecting liquid from my ass.
  18. Nah they were not "bowls" as you imagine in your head. They were pretty small as I stated previously.

    Haha, and I don't have a regular floor bro. I have carpet. So it is easy to spot out green bud. (for me)
    Also I do not think my carpet is that dirty, if it is as dirty as you describe. It would of been cleaned, as cleaning a carpet is far too easy to clean (vacuum) To be left as dirty as you think.

    Also, I do not use shoes when walking on my carpet. So I'm very self hygeine esteem (made up word?) for anything I find on my carpet.
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