How many countries/states have you been to?

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  1. Countries: Greece (lived there for a year) and USA

    States: Oregon, California, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida, north Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, pennsylvania, west Virginia, new jersey, new York, and Colorado. I think that's all, there might be a few more.
  2. Countries: Holland, Mexico, US, Canada

    States: All except South Dakota, North Dakota, Louisiana, Kansas, Maine, and Oklahoma.
  3. Damnit, I forgot about Alaska.
  4. In the US Ive only been to California, and Utah. As for abroad I've been to Japan, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.
  5. States: Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington D.C.

    Countries: Bahamas, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy (and the Vatican), Jamaica, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland.
  6. Too many to remember.
  7. Countries: Usa, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji
  8. i been to the US, a few kms into north dakota.

    besides that ive only ever been in Canada, and dont ever plan on leaving.
  9. Countries: England, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland. Plus some islands: Fuerteventura and Majorca.

    Never been to US.
  10. Uk, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, UAE, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, Australia, Canada. I also spent 12 hour in Brazil and El Salvador, though they don't really count.

    And I've only been to California very briefly and New York and Boston in the US.
  11. I've been to all states besides: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Granted a lot of the states I've been through I was just driving through for work, but I was still there :D

    Been to the US (obviously) and Mexico.
  12. countrys- Canada, Mexico, Belize, Germany, UK, France, Austria, and Holland.
    States- I have been pretty much everywhere in the continental us besides the south west corner. like Arizona Nevada California Oregon and that's about the only states I haven't been to
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    georgia(where i live), florida, alabama, tennessee, north carolina, south carolina.

    yeah i'm from the south and all of those states border my own. i'm well traveled.
  14. Been to pa, Arizona, Texas, colorado, new Hampshire, north carilna, south carolina, Wyoming, Utah, new Mexico, Montana, Ohio, and maybe a couple more I didn't even realize I've been to that many until now and my memory is shot.

    Only other country is Canada and Quebec providence
  15. States- 47- all except Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire.
    Countries besides USA- Okinawa, South Korea, Spain, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.
  16. 2 countries, mexico and usa

    about 30 states in the us. most of all west coast/mid west
  17. Countries: USA, England, France, Italy, Monaco, China, Hong Kong (Technically separate), and the Cayman Islands.

    States: 20-30 too lazy to name all.
  18. States: NJ, NY, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Michigan, Texas, California, DC, and PR if you wanna count it and I think that's it

    Countries: Italy, France, USA and a bunch of islands ( St thomas, St john, St Croix, Grenada, Barbados, Aruba.. Probably more just can't remember em atm
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    Russia, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, Jamaica, St Maartin, Venezuela, Aruba, (all i can think of, prob missed a few)

    States= New York, New Jersey, Connectiut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Florida, Las Vegas, (also maybe skipping a few)
  20. Never been outside the U.S.

    The states I've been to: CT (live in), New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

    Plenty of time in the future for travel!

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