How Many Cops At Once

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  1. I was at school with some buddies and i was gonna skip 3rd period, so i got really blazed with my friend, then my other buddy came with his blazer and a friend. so after he comes we all smoke some more weed, and get +high. so we decide to go to the mcdonalds across the small highway, not very far. so we're on our way, playing lil jon so loud my hair is being bassed so bad it was in mid air, im laughing my balls off and then we come to a red light. 2 cop cars go left, 2 more cruiser go right, then an suv. we're all just like, "ok the entire fleet of cops car.." then we go to mcdonalds and digout :) so thats 5, who can beat it.
  2. Much more than that...5 sounds like a low number to me.
  3. well then top it motha fucker. thats y i made this topic.
  4. Thats like asking how many Asian people I saw at Toys R Us.....I dont remember.
  5. not really man.
  6. I would have flipped seeing all those cops.

    The most i've seen at once is two cruisers, just breaking up a party, nothing huge
  7. Well yesterday I was at a tailgate and while we were just there chillin all of a sudden 9 squad cars just showed up, they were searching for this one guy or something. So yeah, more than 5.
  8. I got like 6 stars once. Helicopters and tanks came too shit was crazy man. I crossed the bridge.
  9. lol house party this summer some guys deck broke, cops got called, as i walked outta the party and down the street we managed to count 21 cop cars (that wasnt all of em though)
  10. had like 6 squad cars on the case i was involved with on the scene..

    and back a few year ago, i majically evaded 4-5 rollers looking for me. all circling my blockk, i made it in.:D:D
  11. 2nd arrest..
    16 years old
    stole bmw m3
    picked up a few friends
    raced some civics
    dropped friends off..
    decided to see how fast
    i could get to the bronx from long island..
    cruising at 110mph
    flew by a cop, he turned lights on & i was
    chased for about 4 miles
    finally decided to pull over..
    next thing i know theres 10 cop cars surrounding the
    area, guns drawn.
    after being handcuffed and sitting in the back
    of one of the cars, 2 more decided to pull up and
    have a good laugh.. did 9 months for it, and 550 hrs of community service.
    so 12 cop cars in total, atleast 16-18 officers.
  12. a big bust at the trap 13 or 14 cars i wasn't there long enough to catch how many cops..
  13. i was at my buddies house and his neighbor had a meth lab which was found out by the cops that day. and when i looked over there was so many cop cars i couldnt count them all but there was like 20 officers carrying stuff out
  14. After blazing we were drivin back to my place and like these cops were trying to block off this insanely crouded area/intersection and there were like 20 cop cars and more swarming around the place... I just watched the surreal moment as we slowly drove by with my eyes as red as this dude's face -> :mad: ... :D
  15. rolled by the fed agents by the fires last october, 7 fed cars, 3 firetrucks, 5 pollice crusiers.

    we walked away with no charges, and they gave my bubbler back :)
  16. i counted 50+ cops on the way back to toledo to dayton in ohio. it was labor day. i got a ticket that day also =/
  17. Try seing one every mile or so when you go out...I live in a small town and you will see atleast three of four on just a trip to a buddies and back....Way too many cops.
  18. 5 cop cars...8 cops arrested me in a gas station. I'm a big dude but DAMN 8? I asked one of them after all the dust settled, I asked him why so many cops at one altercation. He simply put "Well, We go to provide back up...(5 second pause) and back up is code for I've been sitting in my car too long and want to strech my legs"

    Its all made sense to me from then on.
  19. ha meet Atlanta cops:devious: they everywhere, you don't even pay em no mind unless you holding because there's so many:mad:

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