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How many connects in your contact list

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. How many dealers do you guys have? How many of them do you regularly go to?
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    i go to a few
    dealer one sells greens, exodics, haze
    delaer two aries, piff
    dealer three kush
    dealer four haze, piff
    it depends on what i want and for how much, i use each at least once a week and pick up at the minimum an eighth and maximum a quarter pound
  3. By my count:

    8 dealers
    17 people who smoke and could get me bud if my 8 dealers are somehow out
  4. I've got 7 people in my phone book who have it 90% of the time and are always willing to sell, and 25 additional people who smoke and might have a little extra to sell to me, but not frequently.
  5. Yeah I had around 7 guys that were usually good, my everyone fucking going down in my area. Cops are cracking down on my area b/c its a major drug trafficking area. I only got like 4 people now, sucks
  6. 1 dealer who never has shit :(
    1 friend whos dealer never has shit.

    jesus i need to meet new connects :(:( it sucks soo bad.

    all my friends who smoke dont have dealers :(
  7. my main connect fell off i guess and others are charging pull shit prices for a oz so i need to find a new connect
  8. I have four guys, even though I usually use the same one, sometimes variety is good. And if for some odd reason I couldn't wait to get from one of those four there's another couple people who could hook me up with their dealers.
  9. I only go to one but I probably have 20+ people in my phone I could call if I was looking for bud...
  10. have 2 personally, but if they are both busy/dry i have a friend who knows like 20 people who can link me lol
  11. There's actually 9 dealers in my contact list.. but alot more people who i could get it from if somehow the dealers were'nt around etc.. i only mainly go to 2 though, 1 drops off but usually just has bog weed which only comes in handy when the other dude is dry :p
  12. Dealers-5
    Friends who could get me some-20+
  13. i have 3 or 4 good friends that sell bud, and im not really interested in buying from anyone else.

  14. been seeing raids for the past 2 months and alot of big names and big runs being intercepted. and as for the connects i got alot some for when i want weight and some when i want some personal stuff. countless numbers
  15. Like, 3 at the moment. Used to have 14 dank dealers.

    Fucking cops.
  16. In my old phone I had about 5 but I lost it and now only have one in my phone
  17. After meeting 2 dealers they gave me a list of a crap load of connects. I now have 8 regular dealers. And 4 growers.
  18. Pretty much 1 for herb i consinitly go through. Always has mass amounts of good herb for the low.

    When it comes to pharms/other drugs i have fuckin 30+.
  19. Being that I'm in a new location, I've only landed two hookups. One of them supplies the green at normal prices: $50/eighth (dank obviously) and so on... The other supplies green also, but it's outrageous prices: $25/gram with no discounts, hardly ever, regardless of quantity. He's very reliable but I usually get other mind altering drugs from him :)

    So, just two for me at the moment. Got to get out of here and back to growing.. weed can burn some holes in your pocket.
  20. It's cool man.. just myspace the others :p

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