how many cig smokers on gc

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  1. im one who enjoys a cig or 2 (newports) after a nice blaze, but im not an everyday smoker.

    ive gone months without at times.

    so im just wondering, to all u 10-20 a day cig smokers, do you even actually enjoy lightinig up a smoke anymore? or is it just a habit that u get no pleasure from?
  2. somedays it tastes good
    somedays it tastes bad

    usually if its starting to taste bad, ill cut back

    i enjoy alot more about cigarettes than just the taste and the buzz

    excuse to leave(a group of ppl), excuse to go outside, excuse to think and get away from entertainment
    excuse to take a break(work), the socialness of it, i even enjoy buying them
  3. I smoked cigs for 10 years, and quitting was the smartest thing I have ever done!
  4. Very inspirational.

    Cigs are good every now and then - don't get addicted though. Bad habit - bad health, waste of money.

    Just remember, the legal drugs in the U.S. are also some of the deadliest [and wasteful - when it comes to cigs, atleast].
  5. Exactly man, I'm the same way. Nobody ever questions you if you want to leave a group of people for a cig, its amazing.
  6. I've been smoking on and off for about 8 years. Some days it's none and some days it half a pack. Never got hooked though.
  7. *inhales deeply, blows out smoke*

    Ahh. The one true addiction.
  8. I love them camel menthols. I just plain love smoking. been doin it for about 2 years but i've quit 3 time once for 3 months for financial reasons, once for a month because of a girl i liked :rolleyes: and once for 2 months cuz i was really trying to quit. i just recently came back to it because i just plain enjoy smoking and don't really give a fuck about the bad things about it. sure it sucks up my money and addicts me and hurts my health but at this time in my life i consider it worth it.
  9. i usually got two packs - a pack of regulars (usually marbs), and a pack of newports.

    like to have my options.:smoke:
  10. i really want a cig
  11. Any kind of Camel menthols make me happy. But as some of the other users stated, some days it tastes good, other days it doesn't. Regardless I'm still gonna smoke em. Only been smokin about 4 years but it's taken a noticeable toll on my body.
  12. I've got a pack of Camel Filters in my pocket right now :D
  13. American Sprits FTW. As of now I only smoke a quarter pack to a half pack a day depending on what drugs im on.
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    ill smoke w/e if im bumming one from someone but i usually buy marlboro smoothes or newport hundreds
  15. Newports...

    pack a day. Love em lol.
  16. I stopped buying cigarettes for a while. Used to smoke a1/2 to 1 pack a day. I tried to quit a couple of times but always found myself going out to buy a pack of smokes just so I could have clip for my joints (something I really enjoy), and I'd just end up smoking a lot again. Then I bought a tub of tobacco, and I rolled a couple cigs a day and always had clip for my joints, somehow this was okay. But tomnight I just had the overwhelming urge to buy a pack of smokes, so I did.
    I'm looking into this electronic cigarette thing now

    Edit: forot to mention, my reason for wanting to quit so badly or at least drastically cut my intake is because I have asthma. Smoking really fucks up my lungs, to the point where I was having 8 or 9 asthma attacks a day. I'd wake up in the morning not being able to breather and shit.
  17. I finally quit!!!I quit thread.

    I do however have a few puffs of a cigar every night.
  18. i just quit, i said fuck it when they got over 5$ a pack

    rather smoke a blunt
  19. everyday smoker

    infact smokin a red 100 as i type this
  20. The best cigarette I have ever smoked is the American Spirits Lights, those taste very good.

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