How many cfls

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by afrobrandon, May 15, 2011.

  1. Just put seed in dirt yesterday...should i put in under 6500k lights for 18 hrs...THIS IS A MICRO GROW:)
  2. You want at least 100w of CFL power per plant man.

  3. Yes at a minimum. I just vegged a Indica xxl auto under 300w equivalent 6500k and had real good luck. ya cant have enough light and cfls are cheap to buy and run. I hung one bulb from over it with a reflector, and put one bulb on each side. I am growing hydro and this is an auto but i would definatly not go less than 100w to veg (with 200 being much better) and probley 3oow (Min) to flower with. When flowering remeber that the biggest problem with cfl is they tend to lack the power to penetrate the canpoy so often its a good idea to use multiple light sources. This isnt usualy a problen with microgrows but i still use 3 bulbs for each stage. I am currently using 750w eqiv in 3 (2700k flowering)bulbs to try to induce flowering the mosterous little bush i created.

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