how many cfls in 1.2x.1.2x2.0 grow tent

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  1. i normally just use a 400whps from start to finish but next grow i want to add some cfls how many should i add, also what ones do i need ?
    let me know gc
  2. KamelRedLight made a fantastic thread regarding CFL lighting which I found useful myself.
    Definately worth a look :)

    Kamel's CFL Guide

    How many plants are you thinking about growing?

    When vegging, you will need to use "Daylight" CFL's.
    Some brands use different names for them but the daylight bulbs have a colour temp of 6500k (needed for veg)
    And for flowering you will be needing the "White" CFL's.
    Also, the name can differ but you will be looking for a colour temp of 2700k.

    Depending on a few factors (plant amount, temperature, room) I would probably suggest maybe using 2 - 3 23w (actual watts, not equivalent :p) Daylight bulbs and probably a single 26w White.
    Then for flower, swap the 2 or 3 daylights to white bulbs, then the white to daylights.

    I hope that makes sense and helps a little.

    Peace :)

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