how many cfls do i need.

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  1. I'm making a grow box that's 2ftx2ftx3ft and I'm putting 2 plants in. how many cfls do I need and how do I set them up. I have no budget at all, I have to rely on what's around the house.
  2. $65 for everything including shipping. 60 watts. about 12,000 lumens. Samsung 561c s6 bin diodes, meanwell driver.

    You'll spend more then that in bulbs and splitter sockets for CFL's. In the end you'll have less actual growing power and it will cost you more electric bill. CFL's are the most inefficient way to grow next to incandescent bulbs. Two boards left. Order one. $29 for the board. Drivers for $11. Best budget micro grow light there is. I'm vegging a 4x4 with 120 watts. IMG_0683.JPG
    QB120 Quantum Board
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