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how many cfl bulbs do I need for autoflowering

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by the bear smokey, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. I am starting my grow with lowryder#2 autoflowers. I was wanting to know since I am just going to use CFl for lighting. What is a good mix to use. How much wattage would I need to use?
  2. You want a minimum of 100 actual watts "per plant" so atleast 4 26watters but the more you use the better.
  3. I think 100W of CFL per plant is a decent figure. The more the merrier. You can never have too much light.
  4. thank you for the replies.
  5. Sorry for hijacking but I don't want to start a new thread. Is it ok to mix 6500 and 2700 cfl lights when flowering or do you have to use just 2700 cfl's? Thanks.
  6. from what I have been told in other threads. It really dont matter. I have also been told to use more 6500. I was thinking for flowering that more 2700 would be better. I would just look at some other threads.

  7. Thanks for the info. I have been looking at other threads and it seems some people say you have to have 2700k cfl's for flowering and others say it doesn't matter what you use and some say to mix both 6500 and 2700. I'll probably just use a few of both since that's what I have, until I can get a 150w HPS light system. Thanks again.
  8. Here is what someone sent me earlier. I used three 2700K and two 5600K, for a total of 5 42watt bulbs. I had four above and one of the 2700K bulbs side-facing.
  9. you can mix spectrums but you will see a higher yield and nicer buds with more 2700k. You can use 2700k exclusively for flowering.
  10. Autoflowers have the same requirements that photoperiod Cannabis has. The only difference between them for the most part is Autoflowers entire flowering on there own without you switching the lights...thats it. Still requires nutes, water etc.
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    ok thank you. I will be using fox farms ocean forest soil. I have tiger bloom for blooming of course. I also have pure blend pro grow for veg. I was curious what someone else would use for nutes for autoflowering?
  12. more autoflower info guys. keep me informed please
  13. i havent started using nutes yet.. but i got the Advanced Nutrients pH perfect Micro/Grow/Bloom 1L set with some other bloom additives like Bud Blood, Big Bud and Carboload... not sure when and how much nutes (probably 1/4 dose first time around). my plants are 2 weeks old now... im using cfl and i have 4 x 23W lights right now.. it's important to be able to cool down ur lights too eh.. im using rubbermaid tubs as my growbox so im thinking about putting in a light shield to keep the heat low for the plants.

    Btw Im growing 1 Afghan Kush Ryder and 1 Pakistan Ryder from World of Seeds.
  14. fox farm varieties. big bloom, liquid karma, tiger bloom. get molasses as well 2tsp per gallon. hear it helps to do that every other water after nutes. nute-molasses-nute. yada yada. happy days are near gentlemen
  15. I grow with only CFL's because of cost,space and heat! I double up on all the old thinking when it comes to CFL's because of my small box I use 2 42 watt min. per plant to get nice hard dense nugs from my autos! But they make 1000 watt CFL's for bigger grows.:smoking:

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