how many cfl bulbs and what spectrum do i need for 1 plant

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by THE DANIMAL, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I need advice in a couple hours I'm guna go pick up some cfl bulbs to grow 1 plant what kind as far as 2700 k or what is best and how many thanks a million and peace
  2. for any plant you need 6700k blue spectrum for veg and 2700k red spec for flower dont know how many cfls that would take cause im a beginner but ive been told 1/250 cfl red spec and 1 for blue spec or to get many small blue and red spec cfls but im doing Lst method so im only getting one each
  3. With CFLs, first off understand that they are marketed with something called "equivalent" watts, keep in mind this means nothing when it comes to MJ growing. Only go by actual watts.

    Don't use bulbs less than 23 actual watts (those are the 100 "equivalent" watt bulbs), lower wattage CFLs are so weak that they won't provide usable light beyond about an inch away. You will want a bare minimum of 4 of those 23 actual watt bulbs per plant, more would be better.

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