How many cage fighters do you know?

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  1. seriously what the hell? i've met three cage fighters in as many weeks....did cage fighting become a regular hobby lately or what? interesting side note, the last dude i met said his 'personal moto' was "work hard, drink hard, fuck hard" ...:hello:
  2. I know 17.46 cagefighters.
  3. i just know 2, one is my tattoo artist, the other is her husband, and along with their tattoo studio they run MMA classes in muay tai and jui jitsu
  4. 0. I don't think it's common where I am from.
  5. my left and right hand
    so two
  6. I've met one cage fighter, he was training to do UFC and he was smaller than me, but definetly was more fit than I am, scared the crap out of me. I went to a party deliberatly to beat the fuck out of his pussy friend, then he shows up and I was like, "were all cool dude". I was drunk at the time, and I like not getting my ass kicked.
  7. I do it, and yes it is becoming alot more popular. alot of ppl are just doing it so they can act tuff, have no real intent on accually competing. and considering i train wit em i know alot:D
  8. There was an MMA fighter in one of my Sports Marketing classes, he would come to class all beaten up sometimes. Pretty weird guy.
  9. I play softball with Andre "the chief" Roberts -

    One of my buddies -

    One of my best friends from high school is fighting Mike Ciesnelovicz on saturday.. Mike fights for the silverbacks in the IFL, and this is my friends first pro fight... I have a feeling he will be getting his ass handed to him.

    I dont know him, but I work in the same building as Kevin Burns -
  10. Cage fighting is like sky diving its just the adrenaline rush, think if you dont kick his ass he's gunna kick yours. good fun :D:D

    I know of my self and several others :)
    The Duck

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