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how many bulbs per socket/extension cord/breaker

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bluntfists, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Ok Gc,
    so im looking into a small 1-2 plant Cfl grow. now i have a couple of the cheep clamp reflecters with the bulb splitters, and i also have one, 4foot 80watt Fluro. My question is how many bulbs can I "Safely" run on a 15 amp breaker. Is it ok if i use the 80watt, plus 3 clamps(so six, 42watt cfl bulbs) on one powerstrip/wall socket.

    so the 80watt is 120volt 60 hz
    the splitters are rated as 250v and capable of 660 watts TOTAL per splitter
    and the bulbs are 42 watt 120 volts
    ( the 2 bulbs are 240 volts together so should be ok for the splitters right?)
    so 332 watts 15840+ lumens

    Saftey is one of my main goals of this grow, im licensed by the state, and have a very nice area to grow in. its a secluded bedroom in my house,. it has no breaker boxes or addict access points so no one will have to go in there for one reason or another. the only window is faced away from the general population of the neighborhood so im not worried about people sneaking up into my windows ( even though it will have a black out curtan on it) and the plant its self will sit inside the closet
  2. 332w should work fine, that's well below 15 amps. Only thing I'd double check is the rating on the sockets in your clamp lights so you don't go over. All of my sockets are rated between 60w-150w so it's something I'm always aware of.
  3. yeah ill have to look the clamps up, they dont say on it anywhere...not sure why lol
    oh there it is 250v 660 watt. so thats fine also?
  4. and do these types of things ever just light on fire? lol im paranoid

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