How many bongs is too many?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Cloud Rhinos, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. At what point does the quantity of bongs get a bit out of hand/unnecessary?
  2. Once your smoking room looks like a headshop then you have too many peices.
  3. more than 1 nice bong piece is to many
  4. One really good one.
  5. You really can't have too many. However, you really don't need more then 1 of each type of bong.
  6. Do you have any that you're not using, or rarely use? You've got too many, IMO. No point in having one if you never use it.
  7. i keep one around but theres like 2 more floating around at friends houses and the other somewhere in my house. IMO one is all you need unless you're doing some kinda badass gauntlet lol

  8. yea i say 3, personally i own 5 but 2 of them are @ homies houses and the other 2 i rarely use. I smoke my roors only anymore. A single amazing bong is alll u need imo.
  9. Its impossible to have too many. That would be like calling someone who enjoys stamp collecting that they have too many stamps. Some people like collecting beautiful glass, others just like the different hits that different tubes produce.

    More then 1 thing is to smoke out of (pipe, papers, bong, whatever) is more then necessary. But so is more then one set of clothes (wear it one day, wash, wear the next day. thats all you really need), so is dessert, so is more then 1 tv, I could continue on but you probably get the point. Almost everything we have in life is excessive, in my opinion you can never have too much of anything (not talking about things you ingest or that can cause damage to you. Of course you can have too much junk food, or too much caffeine... that shit'll kill you).
  10. You'll know you have too many when the next bong you get isn't diverse amongst the rest of the ones you own.
  11. I say 5, i have 2 functioning ones right now but i only really use 1. But as i see it, you should have party (cheapo), snapper (straight tube), chillin with da homies (beaker), beastmode (huge), and rare (heady/local/one-off) bongs.
  12. I have 2, my nice Blue Dot and then a 30 dollar grommit bong. My cheapo is currently not being used, but it's my party bong when I need it.

  13. ..........What if my headshop looks like a smoking room filled with bongs?

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