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How many bongs have you broken?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeedNotDrugs, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Just broke my bong last night and I'm fucking sad. I'm a pretty budget smoker and I hate rolling joints if I'm smoking alone.
    How many bongs have you guys broken in your years of smoking?
  2. none personally but my friends have broken atleast 3 of my last few bongs
  3. None I'm really really stupid careful but my friend u up to like 6 Or 7 now lmao
  4. i broke my acrylic one. It was a $10-20 bong so i wasnt too upset. Pawn shop where i live has about 20-30 of them on hand in a rainbow of colors.
  5. 2...but a local glass blower fixed them
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  8. Never broken a bong, but I did break my first dry pipe while cleaning it.
  9. Three.
    And three pipes.
    I guess I'm pretty clumsy.:smoke:
  10. While i have never broken a pipe, 4 of mine have been broken

    1 spoon by my friends mom when i lent it to him (my first piece as well. damn)
    1 NEW sherlock one by my mom that i was about to leave my house to smoke out of when she searched my pockets (lol, 15 was a shitty time to toke, wasn't it?)
    2 bats confiscated when my mother found me high or for whatever reason.

    Glad i have a better spot for my bub and bong now :)
  11. One extremely large one.

    Also a keck clip put a chip in my LUX. In that moment I head the crack of glass I nearly had a heart attack
  12. I used to break them by the month.
    Now I have my own 'kit' with a big supply of vases to make my own.

    I still break about 1-2 a month, but it costs me 1/4 as much.
  13. Three, all mine, though only one break was my fault, rest were natural causes. And never broken any dry pieces.
  14. I've broken 2 bongs 1 that wasnt mine and other people have broken 4 of my bong hahaha
  15. Ive only had 1 bong and i broke it not too long ago.. i was completely baked and my mom called saying she would be home in 5 minutes so i freaked out and started trying to get the smell out and accidentally dropped my bong in the process lol
  16. ive broken 3 of my outdoor bongs :(
    it always happens when im high as fuck lol

    now when im baked as fuck i get someone else to handle my bongs
  17. I myself have never broken any of my bongs, however, my friends broke 5 of them.
  18. 2
    One of them once

    The other twice

  19. My first bong ever was a nice little glass one with a bubble bottom...... about 80 bucks. Broke it after a few months but it got it's money worth!!!

    second bong I dropped 400 on it, plus a 150$ ashcatcher...... the ashcatcher was the first to break, then bought another one which made the bong top-heavy....... so didn't take long to break the whole bong (it was a triple perc bong with buncha fancy things)

    Then I bought another one...... custom made by a buddy that blows glass....... spend a lot.... damn near a grand....... and STILL HAVE IT WOOT.

    As for glass pipes...... I lost count by age 18 =P

    It's definitely not a pleasant feeling when something you care about so much like that breaks. It almost hurts more than a break up with a girl =P (not really)
  20. kinda lost count, to be quite honest..

    I've broken the entire bong, the downstem, the slide, the bowl, every single part :laughing:

    and I've owned quite a few in my day.. it's a bad thing, there's an ongoing joke amongst me and my friends about it :eek:

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