How many Blades to change a light?..

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  1. Haaaa got eeeemmmm. Lol nah just want to see how you would outfit an 8x4ft tent with qbs. Thinking about (8) 96’s, but my “power plan” calls for (3) hlg-600h-54ab drivers. But that would mean running (2) on a 600h or possibly a 240h while the other 6 are split Between two 600h’s?! Idk. I know I could make the numbers make sense going another route, but I just want the 96’s. My Moby Dick.

    But I’ve been toying with the idea of 96’s and other qbs combined, but I also want to have the largest 96 grow around lol so help me out, throw me some opinions!
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  2. How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?

    One but the light bulb really has to want to change.

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  3. Who knew gardening involved so much math?
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  4. Two 600 drivers will give you 1200 watts, or 37.5watts/sqf. Are you running CO2? cause you dont really need more light if not.
  5. Yeah, distribution of available electricity. Not much, but enough to make you go hmmmmm?!
  6. Toyed with the idea, and will eventually, but probably not as of yet. Thanks for that, I had 40w/sq embedded on my brain. BUT I wanted the extra power to be able to run them at 50-70% (haven’t done that math), I want to avoid running full tilt so the extra driver wattage is a... buffer. Knowing the unit can run 220, 600 giving each 200. That’s where I hit this wall.. thanks
  7. You know these drivers run more efficiently the closer to max you run them.
  8. No I didn’t Scoob. Definitely did not know that. My plan was solely to limit heat, but then again that was before my plan to mount them outside the tent that I did not even consider.. sheesh. So how about the lights? Are they more efficient closer to max?
  9. If you look at the Meanwell data sheet for the HLG series drivers you will find this graph:

    As you can see efficiency goes up in conjuction with load, although there wont be much difference going from 50% load and upwards you dont gain anything from running them underpowered.

    The quantum boards however do run more efficiently the softer you drive them, meaning you get more μmols per watt used. So for instance two boards running at 50watts will produce slightly more light than a single board running at 100watts.
    Here you can see the efficiency numbers on a 96elite running at different power inputs. If you look at the μmols/joule column (μmols is a measure of light output, joule is a measure of power used) you can see the board will produce more μmols/joule when run at lower watts
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  10. Here's extra credit: Now overlay the inefficiency drop of the supply when its driven less with the efficiency gain of the LED when its driven less and give us the net effect.
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  11. Brilliant.
  12. Yeah It's all a question of finding that sweet spot.
    But it's even more complecated than that. To be really effecient with boards you need more boards so you can run them softer, but that means build cost is higher. Then you gotta take into account that tech is advancing quickly so how long are you going to use these lights until it no longer makes sense to not upgrade? How much can you save by being efficient during that time? Idealy enough to cover the extra costs of more boards/drivers, and extra would be nice.
  13. So in theory, to gain max efficiency one must match a maxed out driver divided by X number of boards which is going to be determined PROBABLY based on which boards can split that juice up evenly while maintaining peak efficiency. I think I’m learning.

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