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how many benedryl can you take without dying

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by phatmattd, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I want to go to sleep asap and I always wondered if I could just take like 20 bendryl, or could I die?

    Can you OD on Benedryl?
  2. You can "OD" on water. You can "OD" on oxygen. Do you have any questions worth my time?
  3. dont take 20 for bed unless u want to fucking trip balls... take one or two and it should help just fine.
  4. It is quiet a powerfull delerient in high doses. Dosage ins't really allowed here but I would say don't exceed 700 mgs? Why would you even want to trip that hard? You will probably hurt yourself.
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    actually since my post about taking benadryl before school, i have experimented with it a few times since, and in my experience after taking even 400mg (the next lowest ive taken is 100mg) my legs become restless, and it becomes very hard to fall asleep, your whole body becomes uncomfortable, you know like when you have pins, and needles, from having a limb fall asleep? its like a dull version of that but it doesnt go away....

    and it's ALL OVER YOUR BODY

    then you start to hear voices....

    then you start talking to yourself, or atleast i did but im not sure if i was talking or thinking to myself, as i was alone, but you will have extreme difficulty differentiating between your thoughts, and whats actually going on around you... the walls will also appear to breath... not fun with the uncomfortable restless feeling throughout your whole body...

    used in small doses it is an effective sleep aid, but id recomend just smoking a bowl of some good indica, if your looking to fall asleep, or drink lots of coffee if your really desperate... you will crash eventually.

    some people say benedryl is not fun, and id agree with them, but once you get past the unbearable, bodily uncomfortableness, its actually really interesting, with the auditory halucinations, being a highlight, as i also found myself in a dreamlike state drifting off into my imagination at a moments notice only to pull myself back because of hearing a window smash(for real) or hearing someone yell violent things into your ear, when there is no one there...

    like datura, people call it a diliriant, in that you arent aware that you are tripping, while your tripping

    i knew very well that i was tripping and that none of the voices or visions were real so, you might be the same;)

    IF YOU MADE UP YOUR MIND ABOUT USING IT AS A SLEEP AID, ID RECOMMEND 100mg, or even 150mg... but thats just me, as ive never tripped from so low a dose, but i dont know you...

    everybodies different

    know your body
    know its limits
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    Oral Diphenhydramine Dosages



    Light--------------25-150 mg

    Common---------150-300 mg

    Strong------------250-500 mg

    Heavy-------------400-700 LD50

    (Lethal Dose*)-----500 mg/kg in rats

    Duration : 4 - 8 hours

    * LD50 = dose which will kill 50% of the tested animals. It is difficult to extrapolate from animal data to human fatal doses, which would be much, much lower in this case.

    * LD50 of 500mg/kg in rats from Merck: "ld50 orally in rats (Gruhzit, Fisken)".


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