How many beers does it take you to get drunk?

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  1. Let's see how many alcoholics we got on this site
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    you should probably define drunk.

    my vote was defined as this:
    * if i feel a heavy buzz, and
    * if i reach satisfaction and desire to sleep more than another beer, and
    * if this is an average and not one of those times i drink way more

    then i would vote for it. so 5-10 easy... it's actually a pretty regular eight.

    but should define a drink too, I defined it as:
    * a beer with 6.0% abv, or the equivalent

    (guess we just found out who's the alcoholic :D)
  3. Some times 10+
  4. a six pack will have me feelin good. I don't drink much.
  5. A mickey's 40 oz. has me buzzing pretty badass.
  6. i wouldnt consider myself drunk right now and ive had 4 steel reserves (8.1%lalch) and two heft glasses of wine. i weigh in at 170 and im 6 1/ 6 2

  7. you mean me ? im itchin to go grab another beer or two from the fridge and they re alll steely 12 oz 8.1 % i can have like 8 or so and not have it be a big deal. last saturday i had 7 plus multiple glasses of wine.
  8. I'm the only one who voted 15-25? Come on Grass City!

    I feel a lot more Irish after this poll. I'm in my drinking prime right now and i'd say around 20 beers will get me really fucking drunk. Drunk as in difficult to walk but still sober enough to whoop ass in 64 Smash Bros.
  9. I hardly drink any longer but my tolerance is still through the roof. I can easily drink a fifth in an evening and still be completely coherent... Last time I drink I was taking shots every quarter hour till my bottle was gone. To get drunk in the sense of being blacked out I would not know I have never blacked out from just drinking. In order to be drunk off of beer... I can't drink that much beer.
  10. Getting 100% Blackout is not chill.
  11. Im feeling pretty damn good after 4-5 beers. I'm a fucking lightweight. But i'll smoke any 1 of my buddies under the table.
  12. Recently Iv stopped drinking as much as I used to, and started smoking instead. But back in the days an average night out would be 12+, and rarely with beer alone. I was also brewing my own booze (just 60 proof) and could easily empty a bottle when we gathered.

    Today I get liver pain if I drink too much.

    Fuck alcohol.
  13. Around 2, lmfao.

    I never drink. I drank a glass of champagne once and had a slight buzz :smoke:
  14. If drunk is acting stupid, trouble keeping balance and waves of nausea coming and going, it takes about 10/12 beers.

    If drunk is feeling the alcohol, doesn't matter how little, then it takes 2/3 beers.

    I rarely drink beer to get drunk.. I prefer to buy one bottle of whiskey and be able to get drunk for a couple of days. Beer is too expensive to be drinking it for anything other than the taste :p
  15. 0.5liter beers?

    I'll vote 5-10, it's kickin in around the 7one!
  16. usually get a dirty 30 (30keystonelight) to last two nights of drinkin, unless i got some snortables to help;)
  17. My homebrew takes about four bottles before I am feeling really good (definitely not session brew) I would say they have to be around 9-11%.
  18. if you go by postal's guideline, i would have to say at least a 12 pack, prob not more than an 18 pack. i'm 5'5'' and a whoppin 135lbs!!!!! guess that's what happens when you live in the country!
  19. strange, its 6pm, im on tall can #6. the other 12 are no doubt nervous:phappy thirsty thursday everyone:wave:

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