How many Aussies up in here?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by OG1-KENOBI, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Just want to say hi to one and all. Im from Adelaide Sth Australia and have been smoking for 16 years or so. Hate haters and love just kicking back with some buds a beer or 6 and some good people.

  2. Welcome to the forums, my friend!

    Please check out the Rules as every member should. :p

    I wish you a most pleasant stay here at Hotel GC. ;)

    Celebratory Coopers Ale on me!

    Theres oodles of Aussies on here mate, i must have seen atleast 3 dozen post in the last 6 months, but so far i think we're the only guys from adelaide :wave:
  4. Sweet thats execellent news to here from another Adelarian. :) Its always good to have friends in the same state ;)
  5. i know this thread is a little old by now but *bump*

    :wave::wave: Hi!!! I'm an Adelaidian too! (and just only discovered this forum) So... Hiii :wave:
  6. Adelaides getting amped up for the Fringe festival, am flat out rolling my Joints in preperation for the opening parade this weekend :smoking:

    Was waiting to get blazed at the upcomming Burt Bacharach & ASO concert aswell, but it got postponed till november :(
  7. I'm from the whitsundays.
  8. AWSOME!

    I knew a guy that did a six month "live in" position in a Hotel on one of the islands.. Said it was the best place he'd ever worked.

    Is there a growing community on the islands, or do you guys have to rely on tourists bring you Buds from QL? I'd imagine living on an Island (even the large ones) it would be hard to hookup.
  9. Hey boys whats goin?
    Im from VIC, been smoking for about :smoking:........

    3 years or just over, got 3 pieces from offyatree, nothing flash just a collection.
    oh and im starting a grow soon maybe like month so watch out form thread yer guy ill make sure its clear it AUSSIE BUD!

    nice to see all us aussi growing in numbers.
    WE PWN XD...
  10. South West Aus here but been living in melbourne for the past year
    been smoking weed for maybe one year, love it lots, starting to experiment with other substances.

    Enjoy the rest of summer =D
  11. Theres a GC group called Aussie growers, dont forget to hookup with them when you start up, I'm sure you'll get plenty of protips..

    Way too late to start an Outdoor grow this season, but it's never too late to start an Indoor grow :yay:
  12. im in new south wales but im still aussie haha

  13. Hey Joe, ty for the tip i am in the process of building my grow room started on Sunday and will finish tomorrow thats the start of my grow journal i just need nutes.

  14. Most of the people on the islands seem to smoke, but it comes off the mainland and is like gold over there ($400-$450oz).

    My mate works at Linderman (sp?) Island as an apprentice chef and loves it, which I don't understand because his hours are like 5-8am 11-2pm and 6-9pm.
  15. Hey peeps :wave: another Adelaidean here, peace out to fellow aussies. In fact, peace out to all reading this!

    Any other Adelaideans missing Freewheelin since they closed?? :( Bought some damn fine implements from those folk over the years.

    @OG1 - Beer & buds are definitely a sweet combo bro, especially in the summertime. Beer & buds & music, even better!!

    @Joe - Celebratory Coopers indeed, love those sparklers........

    @Tam - Your title cracked me up :D
  16. originally from sydney but now livin it up in Bunbury, Western Australia
  17. No there are there are a fewmy friends. Hello from S of A:hello:
  18. yeah im from sydney.
  19. Good to see a few peeps from Adelaide and SA on here. Gonna be moving to Adelaide next week and hope it's as good as everyone says.
  20. Victorian here, Pretty close to Melbourne

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