How many Americans does it take...

Discussion in 'General' started by nikidog11, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. To screw in a light bulb,

    Only one but he does at a distance of 30 miles with laser target guidence at a cost of $800,000.00.

    Pinch me I think im gettin giddy
  2. Now that wasn't even funny. Not all americans are that way, nor do all of us even think that way!!!!!!
  3. Sorry about that! I missed the keyword "he"
  4. I'm still missing it, I guess.
  5. it should be altered to read "How many American politicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?" because those are the people causing problems for everyone (us americans included)
  6. *and misses*
  7. i'm laffin on the inside... no seriously... i am. :/

    i get the sentiment, i get the joke.
    i think it needs a little work.
  8. then ya get into 'how much will it cost for this american to screw in a lightbulb"

    wow..thats scary...just for one fucking lightbulb under clintons desk...shit, the girls need to know how to read dr lovejoys cocksuckin instruction booklet..

    *edit...that made so much more sense in my head..but ill leave it anyway.
  9. It takes 2 americans. The first to give the order, the second to carry it out using laser target guidence at a cost of $800,000.00 done from 30 miles away. they will also need to rope in some non americans for the job... just to be sure. ...and it helps to share the blame should they discover that the new lightbulb doesnt work as well as the old one.



  10. whilst some Europeans complain that the lightbulb need not be replaced in the first place because the bulb certainly doesn't posess any harmful, chemical additives.

    even if it is a brand that is perhaps a bit dated.

    oh and don't forget the anti lightbulb lobbyist who insist that the bulb though gone bad must be changed by the socket itself otehrwise the new bulb will not be accepted by the other bulb in the fitting and it could cause the whole damn circuit to get fused and ALL the lights go out.

    Have I killed this analogy yet? :)

  11. However since the US has put this particular bulb in the axis of a-bit-to-dim-to-read-by it decides that the UN is of no importance and continues to install a new bulb of it's own whilst at the same time attempting to rewire the bulb so most of the electricty will in fact power the house down the street that already hs plenty of lights leaving the bulb in a not-that-much-better-at-all-really position as it glows dimly.

    Meanwhile the UN reminds the US that they installed the faulty bulb in the first bloody place because they didn't like the shade of the one before the one it is now planning on changing.

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