How many Adderralls are too many?

Discussion in 'General' started by uEDarkShadow, May 31, 2006.

  1. First time trying them, was hoping I didn't take too much. I don't usually do any sort of drugs other than weed, except for a select few times. Once I popped 7 perks in a time period of 7 hours, got real hot and felt like I was going to throw up. I was driving, pulled to the side, crouched over and started gagging but didn't throw up. Then just felt better, guess I just needed some air...but yeah yesterday I took adderrals during my school lunch (around12:00-12:15 somewhere between that time period i took them), and I know per each doseing of like 1 pill it lasts for 6 hours or something, and I took 4. But I didn't expect to be feeling it this long...And around 12 o clock am I spent 45 minutes talking to myself...about my ADHD if I was speaking with my doctor or something. The story is I was trying them because im going to the doctors sometime next week and being tested for ADHD (my drug councelor recommened it) but I thought it was gonna be like that episode in SouthPark, where all the kids took Ritalin and ended up being like vegetables, emotionless and all like that. But this did sort of the oppoiste to me, it made me wanna do my work in school, the last period I went to was English after lunch, and I was really going above and beyond with questions we had to answer, I basically was the only one who read, if you dont include the teacher, this gay book which normally I can't even get passed one page. Book is Their Eyes Were Watching God, incase someone here is curious. Well anyways, so many adderralls are too many?
  2. haha, wow man i can totally tell your all jacked up on addy, you run, and type... your "virtual" mouth like no other lol.

    I don't think you could take anything in the recreational range to seriously hurt yourself on adderal... i've took 17 at one time and was fine. I'm not sure what mg the pills were though, I was a stupid kid back then.

    I hear it'll do a man good of you dissovle like 20-30mgs into like a soda or a shot of your favorite liquor. Reason being all adderal pills have some sort of a time release forumula bullshit. So if you dissolve it it will hit your system a shitload faster... pretty much the same concept as parachuting. But this way theres no risk of tearing the paper and getting that nasty shit all over your mouth and throat.

    i've never dissolved in a soda i think it would taste nasty, but the shot way works real nice.

    and whatever you do, don't snort adderal kids. Stick the things up your ass before you do that, im not fucking joking.


    PS: welcome to the city man, its a good place to be. +rep to get ya started haha
  3. Phew, that fucking makes me feel much better...I was getting mad nervousness and I normally do'nt ramble on liki I did today, and when I proof read my shit I was like goddamn mad mistakes..I'm trying to do better this post. But yeah thanks for taking the fear out my dumbass, maybe next time I'll jsut try chugging down like 10....heh yeah right I'm just fucking around. Ummm yeah the time release thing, wish I knew that. I took 2 first, then didnt feel anything for like 30 minutes when I got into my class, so then took 2 more, then I started feeling the first two apparently, and I was like wow this is nice....then like another 30 minutes later I'm all hyped up, talking real fast...Istraight up came home from school, talked to my mom from 2:30-4. I went picked up my friend ,and ever since he got in my car I was talking to him like straight up talking at 200mph lol until like 9 when we got outta work and I dropped him off...Today was his first day working at my job, I just hooked em up with a job n shit, haha...Nah but good thing today was dead at work thanks to the fucked up time I'mma just chill at no more than 2...cause 4 made it apparent...and did your eyes get all dialated when you took them? I think mine are still fucking huge. Looks cat eyes in the dark or some shit no lie
  4. haha no i don't remember my eyes getting dialated, although i don't remember ever looking either haha...

    i know your not supposed to get any visual effects from an amphetamine... but i swear i always saw weird distortions of lights the first few times i did it.

    and yea you'll probabaly still be up for a good while, if you have a beer or two or a bowl thats pretty much the only things thats gonna help you out.
  5. Hmmm, weird. I was gonna say that to. Not from light though, but I was attempting to check my pulse cause I was sweating from how hot it is in my room, I was thinking I was overdosing... or something you while i had my hand on my wrist i could swore my veins like shifted a little bit but as soon as id turn my attention toward the vein shifting it was back, it was only a little tiny bit of shifting, but enough to catch in youe periphials...and when id look to what vein was shifting, for some reason it would just like go back to where it was and then another vein would move in my new current periphials hard to explain but im sure you get me...anyway yeah i gave up on proper punctuation until i fwake up from a nice 12 hour fuck off u dickwads lol
  6. 5 or 10mg adderalls probably

    not much of an adderall head but I'm pretty sure the xr is the 10mg time release

    anything more then 60mg is seriously pushing it for most and addiction follows shortly after along with almost complete loss of euphoria once felt so you're left with a tweaked out hyperactive insomina like spun feeling off higher and higher doses

    at some point supplements or not you're body says enough with any stimulant so research rx sites erowid and any other creditable source before you go using ANYTHING because misuse is always labeled abuse by the media

    drugs don't need more shit then they already get... really lol one of the few objects that doesn't act of its own free will that gets treated like a demon
  7. Well, I've ingested 270mg in a short amount of time (non XR.) Granted I used to do meth so that explains a bit. I wouldn't do more then 90mg (crushed) XR unless your tolorance requires it.
  8. some people have no liver enzyme to process amphetamines correctly or a half assed one or a very good one

    in your case it appears you have a half assed one like me so dropping a shitload of almost any drug that is processed through this route usually requires more sooner

    for me it was popping mdma tablets (and some pure in veggie capusles) like candy with meth cut cheaper tablets popped along side double the original doses right when the peak starts to come on and you take a piss that feels great lol

    I would dose well over a gram a day of mdma going for 7+ days with the meth mdma mixture

    not many people can do that sort of shit without seriously fucking themselves up unless by dumbluck they have this slower processing enzyme limiting just how tweaked you can get
  9. thats adderal for ya, you wrote like an essay in those replies lmao
  10. actually I was stoned and coca-cola classic'ed to hell off a gram in my drink

    eep bedeeeee bud plus snow thats all folks lol
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA just from reading your three posts i could tell you were jacked. jesus man.
  12. jesus man? YOU LOVE LUCY! lol thats not coke x or pot... thats big brother brainwashing yooooooou....
  13. haha thats what me and my buddy nicknamed acid. yea its an obsession but what ya gonna do?

    edit: the show aint bad either, i dont mind marring my third eye for good old fashioned brainnumbing humor. being older now, i can appreciate desi arnez's singing prowess. that man had some PIPES.

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