How Many 3 Gallon (Round) Pot's fit under a 600W HPS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skunkharvester, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. I want to flower under a 600W HPS. I think the ideal coverage is is like 3.25 ft x 3.25 ft? So if that were the case, how many pots would fit under that area for the proper amount of light?:rolleyes:
  2. turn the light on and look for the shadow area.
  3. 6 pots at most !
  4. Well as you move the light up the shadow line moves wider. I am looking for an experienced answer from someone who has had max yield with 600W lights.

    Okay, let me ask again. What is the most optimized way to grow in soil under a 600w light? Cost of Electricity vs Max yield minus Max space. So like 1 gallon for every month is what I have heard. 1 month clone transplanted into 3 gal container and flowered for 60days type thinking. Then take that tought and apply it under a 600w hps for economy of scale.

    My guess is 9 containers
  5. general rule is 100 watts per plant, so 600 divided by 100 is 6

    anything over 6 and your buds wont flower as dense or crystally as they could
  6. ug....Move the light up until it is comfortable feeling on the back of your hand. Then see the light spread. But remember:

    E = I/d^2 Every foot you move the plants away from the light source, it divides the amount of lumens received by the height squared.

    At 2 feet, the light is already 1/4 the intensity it was at the light source.
  7. I was thinking along the lines of grow DVD "Top Quality Marijuana Growing" with his setup on VEOHTV :eek: I saw this awhile back. Yeah I know I failed to mention light overlap for obvious reasons and perhaps other oversights. Not trying to draw the big picture here if you know what i mean
  8. hey bro, ever thought about maybe trying the square grow bags? Their pretty cheap and you can get 1 gal, 3 gal or 5 gal, and square bags/pots even, would be alot easier to just stacking side by side by side i believe and would save you alotta room in the end... Just my 2 cents, something to think about perhaps
  9. im about to finish a grow with five 4gallon pots under a 600watt hps..its looking to yield around a quarter pound so not a big next grow im going to do a ton of LST and veg quite a bit longer on two plants under the 600 watt and hopefully improve yield.

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