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How Mad Are You When Your Bowl Breaks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokesandJokes, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Yesterday I got super fried at my place and chilled with my friend and my other friend who is another friend's little brother. He is sometimes annoying and won't listen, but he's kind of fun to have around for a little bit. I tried to make only him leave early because he was kind of annoying but he didn't listen and went on top of my bunkbed and wouldn't leave.

    Half an hour later, after me and my 1 friend munched some waffles but he had to dip to do an essay. The kid who wouldn't leave stayed for about another half hour, but I wish he had left when I asked. I got my bong, bowl and cold water ready for a sesh another friend wanted to hit up, but the dumb kid picks up my bong, walks into the kitchen, inhales through my bong pretending to toke, pulls the bowl off, tries to slide it back in but misses somehow...

    All I heard was *CRACK* from my bedroom. I ran into the kitchen and saw it broken on the ground and yelled "WHAT THE FUCK!?" and stomped my floor really hard. Sucks when some kid you wanted to go home early stays for a little longer, breaks your bowl then goes home.

    It kills me to see my bowls break often from people who are never careful with my pieces. Does anyone feel the same way?

    You're lazy and should read the post. I'm not going to make it shorter just for you. :) If you did read it, disregard this message. :smoke:
  2. Whoop that fuckers ass
  3. I'm going to get him to buy me an ash catcher piece. I hit him too much anyhow. :devious:

    That's not good, is it. >_>
  4. I'd beat his ass. Especially cause he wasn't even supposed to be there
  5. Not mad, just disappointed.
  6. pretty mad but just roll one.
  7. Depend how old he is when you say little brother, lol. If he is lime a freshman in college or senior in HS then definitely kick his ass. If hes just a stupid teenager yell at him to learn from his fucking mistakes.
  8. inconsolably sad.
  9. Not mad more like god dammit i'm too high
  10. You could probably give him some "time out" and don't let him sesh until he learns to respect others' property. May sound grown up to do but if you want an annoyance to grow up, sometimes you gotta grow it yourself.
  11. You gotta gun?
  12. Accidents happen, if he's buying you a better piece then whatever, "beating someone's ass" over an accident is just pathetic
  13. #14 OutOnTheTiles, Nov 23, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 23, 2011
    I used to get pissed but now I look at it like its time to shop for a new piece (only if the piece that broke wasnt new or recently purchased)
    edit: also If whoever broke it has the money I let them replace it;)
  14. i get super pissed if its one that i really care about... if its nothing special then i just go buy a new piece.
  15. I have one piece (dry pipe) that I just... don't think I could be without. Man if that fucker ever breaks...

    I'll buy the same one :smoke:
  16. Well if it was your place, then make that guy go. I gotta ask, he picked up your bong, and walked into your kitchen? You didn't see him take it with him bro? If it's just the bowl, might be less bullshit just to replace it and keep your stuff put up when that kid is around. Gotta let people know what's cool and what's not. It's your house, just let people know you don't want that little kid around.
  17. Lingering is the worst quality in a person. Make him buy you a new sick slide. Only fair.
  18. My friend wasn't careful with one of my pieces and the bowl fell out with the ash catcher. Somehow the ash catcher was fine but the bowl broke, lucky because it is repairable if I want to have the entire piece match again. It ain't a huge deal but just get him to pay you back for it. :bongin:

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