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  1. Existence is mind boggling.

    You - were a sperm
    You - are a human
    You - will be dead one day

    I personally dont remember being a squiggly little sperm, but isn't that proof enough of reincarnation?

  2. My body was once a sperm?

    Wow. That's awesome...seriously!
  3. Not your body, but your essence. The essence embedded in that little squiggly decision maker was the same essence that fused with the egg to form a single cell. That essence then led to the decision of replicating repeatedly at a damn near exponential rate to form your humanchine.

    I just wonder what that essence was prior to conception as a sperm :confused:
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    Question is, where did the first two come from?:smoking:

    Seems awfully lucky one was male, one was female, ehh?

    Haha.. good question. Also, what would have happened if it were any other sperm? Only half would be the same? Not at all? Completely the same?
  5. I- am/was not a sperm

    I- am a Spirit who incarnated into the body that was produced by a sperm.

    I- had perfect 1:1 odds of being alive right now, there is no such thing as luck
  6. But how would the sperm know what to do without a consciousness? Just wondering on your opinion Tris..
  7. Everything has a consciousness, even rocks, there is nothing "dead" all is vibrating and alive down to individual atoms. We are sort of like Avesh's, the body is produced and then we inhabit it, the way the Christ inhabited the body of Jesus at the baptism after Jesus spent roughly 16 years of his life in India purifying and raising the vibrations of his body for the Christ to enter it.

    We have a connection to the body starting at the third trimester, however we do not fully inhabit the body until the first breathe is taken upon birth. "And God breathed life into the nostrils"
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    But rocks don't squiggle toward eggs?:confused: Don't get me wrong! I agree, everything has a consciousness (energy), I just have a hard time accepting sperm doesn't have ego (thoughts of "must get to egg!!!!").
  9. Lol, there is bacteria that infects your body and makes you sick, that bacteria is a small step up from rocks, and there is increasingly more advanced organisms up to man, but nothing is a huge jump. In some tribal people the only thing that makes them more advanced than a monkey is the fact that they have language basically. Nothing in nature ever happens in leaps and jumps.
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    check my edit. ^ I agree with evolution, but my above post explains my thoughts.
  11. what's even crazier is that we were all part of a star once. ;)
  12. whats even CRAZIER, is that everything in the universe is the product of 1 single cause and effect that set this crazy rollercoaster of existence into motion.

    Before the planets and the stars, there was something else, which we were all a part of. We were all universally connected before all these dividing lines.

    I think thats the biggest reason for spirituality in humans.

    We instinctively KNOW that we're a part of something so much greater then us, but we can't fathom it in the least bit.
    Hence "god."
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  14. Would you like to theorize with us? Or do you just want to cheerlead! :hello:
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