how lucky was i..

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  1. well i had to wake up saturday morning and mow my huge ass lawn with my ride on mower. usually i smoke a bowl before i mow it.

    and i did.

    so my dad is/has been my whole life an asshole. and he did something really assholeish to me and i was talking with my mom about it and she says those dreaded words, "your breath smells like pot." BAM, hit me like a ton of bricks.

    i quickly rebuttled, "no it doesn't" <--great comeback. so my dad smells it, and he says it's pot to. so they start grilling me about how i'm such an addict that i do it by myself now and shit like that.

    so my mom says, "if you smoked here, WHERE'S YOUR STASH!" well i had recently realized that i could smoke in my basement when they went asleep and the smell would be gone in the morning. i kept my stash in a stash box in my room. i have to take a drawer out of my dresser to get it. i had probably 6.5g left of a quarter i bought the other night.

    since i started smoking in the basement, i but probably .1-.2 at the most in a dvd case in the basement. i realized i had that in the basement, and went down and showed her that. she looked at it, two tiny littly nugs in her hand, and she said, "disgusting." and walked upstairs.

    i couldn't believe that my bud was sitting up in my room safe and sound, and she felt like she busted me. i love those silent victories won over parents.

    p.s. it's 11:25, and i'm about to go on lunch and smoke a fat bowl for 420. second of the day. can't wait to enjoy my lunch.
  2. The Façade Stash... nice goin'! She got her bust and you saved your weed! Everyone's happy! Excellent! :D :cool:
  3. disgusting lol, try and educate your parents. good story.

    edit: WHOAAA I just noticed your avatar, FRISBEE GOLF RULES STONED! Plus I live next to the original, first ever frisbee golf couse made, and it roxx
  4. there is no educating. i've tried.

    in fact, the more i let share my knowledge of cannabis with them, the more they think i'm a druggie.

    needless to say, we've stopped discussion on the matter.

  5. same with me :( :mad: :(

    that's a good story, tho. i have a gram or two of some shitty bud from a couple weeks ago that i never got around to smoking...i could make it my facade stash! wonderful! :hello:

    hapying toking on 420, you guys.
  6. Nice Ryan, stick it to your parents.
  7. haha damn an i thoughtwhen she said wheres the stash i thoight she wanted it for herself but man she threw it away luckily you didnt show her the 1/4:eek:
  8. hey thats a good idea, little decoy stashes
  9. Dude I'm at work right now, and I just have to tel you, that made my day dude... We should smoke together one day... HAHAHAhahah... That was a great story... I'm smoking a fat ass joint a two bowls tonight!!!
  10. good job on the fast thinking :)
  11. well done my friend. i would have never thought of something like that. thankfully my parents dont care if i smoke as long as its not at home
  12. they care if i do it ANYWHERE!

    they think it's the devil. it's so bad. and they are young. they are 36/37. they were 18/19 when they had me. you would think they would be a little understanding.

    they were big drinkers, never got into bud i guess. for me it's the exact opposite. but i enjoy a few high life every now and then.
  13. I was had my my mom was 19, dad i dunno, but my mom was smokeing weed throughout her childhood and my dad as well but he snorted lots of cocaine(still does to this day) both heavy drinkers, but my mom is a complete fucking hippocrate, trys to act like shes lucky she didnt get addicted and its why she was a dropout and shit, my dad i know he would bitch but luckily ive been bigger then him for years and if he hit me id lay his ass out(i dont even live with him or else i would have already done it)

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