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How Lucky Have You Been?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AmsterdamdreamN, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. I got pulled over a few months ago, by the state police. He said I didn't use a signal, making a left hand turn. ( No blinker ) I think he seen my long hair. I had a couple of oz's of white widow in the car. But I also had about 1/2 a quarter in my coat pocket ( pretty nasty ) along with my one-hitter. Needless to say, he asked me the usual questions. ( Been drinking, drugs ) I said no to all of the above. And he looked around my car. He went back to his car and said he'd be right back. When he came back, he asked if I wanted to go sit in his car. ( It was VERY cold ) When we got in his car, he said we might have to wait a while, because he had called for a canine unit. And he asked me if I was SURE I didn't have anything in the car. ( You know how the cops tell you they'll be easier on you if you just give it to them, and they don't have to look for it. ) I told him, I had just gotten back in town a couple days ago, and had been letting a friend borrow my car. I told him I had NO idea what was in it. We sat there and talked a few minutes, ( I was so nervous, you couldn't have pulled a needle out of my butt-hole with a tractor. ) and I asked him, if he would mind if I checked in my car. He told me to go for it. While I was in the car, pretending to look under the seat, I slid the 1-hitter and ick-weed out of my pocket. I walked back to his car, and told him I had found ''this'' in the back seat. And gave him the hitter & weed. We sat there for a few more minutes. He asked me how it worked. I almost laughed at him. I showed him how to load it by shoving the hitter into the dug-out, and then told him you light it like a normal cigarette. As he sat there and looked at his new toy, like a monkey with a mirror, I was getting more and more nervous. He told me he had called the K9 unit, and told them, he wasn't going to need them after all. He told me he was gonna just write me a ticket for posession of paraphenalia. When I showed up to court, to pay my fine or what ever they were gonna make me do, I was suprised to find out I wasn't on ANY Docket. Apparently, the charges had been dropped. I didn't know what to think. ( and still don't. ) All my friends are telling me the cop just wanted a little herbage, and used the K9 unit as a threat. Either way, I thought I was gonna get caught with a QP, and spend the night in jail, and lose some money. But all I lost was a $15 Dug-out, and a sack of dirty herb. To me That was lucky.

    If you have had a close call at work or home let's hear it. It sure is a rush when karma work's FOR you.

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