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  1. how long would it take for a plant to grow from seedling stage to about 2 feet with a 120 watt grow light, the kind made specificly for growing.
  2. depends on what kind of grow light you use Fluoro, HPS, MH.. ordinary screw in bulbs that say plant light suck..But with a good light about 3 to 4 weeks...Check out my pics on my thread "Finally some pics but with"...Metal Halide"HD" or High Pressure Sodium"HPS" are the best and very expensive 150.00 to 300.00 easy but I am a newbie as well and would suggest fluoros for first grow to learn...
  3. And what type of grow are you going to use? hydro or soil.

    From wetting the seed in paper towels to cutting it down, the soil method takes around 3 to 4 months. Hydro is shorter by about a month.

    But this is not a set-in-stone rule. Some people can do it shorter, other longer. it all depends on numerous things such as: type of lights, whether you top or not, how long to veg, how long to flower, etc.
  4. I didnt buy the light yet, where would i get a metal halide or high pressure sodium light (USA), and how much would they cost for around 120 watts. and where to get a fluoro and how much would that cost for around the same watts.

    EDIT: btw the seeds are currently in those add water peat pellets for now, havent sprouted yet. And also will one of those 300 watt bulbs from wal-mart work?
  5. From the link directory at

    the insidesun company

    You can find a wide choice of lights but they have a 250 watt HPS light for $90 plus shipping.

    Fluoro's you can get 33 watt plug in gro bulbs at Wal Mart for $10 plus tax. So they are about the same price except with the HPS you only have one light to plug in whereas the fluoros you would have 8.

    Always go with the best lights you can find and not just the cheapest. You really do yourself a favor by getting good lights.

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