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How long!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Explosiotron, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. so blades here's a question:

    if me and my buddy sat in my room, and smoked a few bowls (say four or five) with no ventilation, how long do you think the smell would take to go away?
    no fans, no open windows, and just exhaling right there. its not a very big room either, a normal bedroom.
    will it take more than a few days? should we use a sploof?
    any knowledge is appreciated :D
  2. Depends on the weed i guess, I'm not sure but id say a day or two
  3. probably just mids, nothing super dank
  4. Yeah the smoke would probably escape through the cracks of the door? I'm not too sure on this :smoke:
  5. my rooms in the downstairs of my house and i blaze in there all the time. keep the door shut and put a towel under it. sometimes the smell is gone by the time i get back from school and sometimes it smells for a day. nothing longer than that usually. use a sploof just in case, you should be good.
  6. day at least. if you open windows, or a door it will go faster.

    Also if you light candles or something like that it will be even less.

  7. Id say like a day or two.
  8. Febreeze, your favorite incense, and a fan pointed out an open window. If you have another window away from the fan to open to help with airflow that would be best.

    I've rid rooms of smell in 15 minutes this way.:cool:
  9. If it isn't anything dank then a day or so. If it's kush/dank. it'll take a couple of days. the more ventilation & smell you add to teh room, the quicker the smell will lift. Btw, if there is a lot of cloth & such in the room, that'll add to how quick it can air out.
  10. I reckon a day or two at least, also depends how many times and how often u smoke in there, if u do it often and dont ever open the window or anything im thinking it might start to take longer maybe.
  11. Few hours. Within 15 minutes if you use a sploof.
  12. i'll use a sploof, turn on the fan and open the windows

    thanks for the help bros
  13. 20 minutes max

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